HWS Artificial Help Bot

The HWS Artificial Help Bot is a tool made to answer the most common questions on HWS.
It responds faster (less than a second per question) than any human, and it will probably give you a more useful answer.

How does it work?

The website has a long list (More than 100 different questions) which it’ll go through when you ask it a question. The bot will look for answers which it thinks will help you.
The tool is often updated with new answers and other things helping you.

What can it do?

Except for trying to answer your questions, it also leaves many hyperlinks (orange colored text = hyperlink), and those leads to places that may help you even more.
The website is no replacement for the HWS Guide, and the guide isn’t a replacement for the tool.
By using the bot and reading the hyperlinks in sends, you’ll quickly get your questions answered.
Except for sending you hyperlinks, it can also send you images of certain locations so you know what you’re looking for, and it can also help you calculate how much you have to pay in taxes if you ask it nicely :wink:

When should I use it?

If you’re in doubt about something, try asking the tool and see if it answers :slight_smile:
If it can’t answer then just ask in discord instead (and maybe leave me a DM with the question it couldn’t answer so I can add it).
It can also tell you what you should do in some scenarios, for example, if you’re stuck, or if you want to know what the HWS Marketplace is.

If you have questions about the tool, suggestions, or ideas for new answers then please go here and ask away.

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