HWS base destroying our bases

A.F.T spawned a base that went HWS and is shooting our bases.

If thats not griefing i dont now what is.

I destroyed it for now.
@A.F.T why did you do that?

Thank yuo @Jascha


  1. Why it spawned like a ghost (i can do anything with that BA).
  2. Why i cant relogin in 20 minutes
  3. Why it goes to HWS after spawn.


Because i am bad guy.


Zappe21 : Mommy! He’s hurting me! He took my toy, pulled his head off and pissed in my sandbox!

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  1. Why i did this 2 times in a row within 10min (wich removes your point 2)

He used 4 attack bases on US that went HWS …


Just my opinion, he is working with the confines of what we are allowed. It’s a legitimate tactic if it’s a means of control of the opposing forces. It’s like setting a bomb, don’t stick around if you don’t want to get blown up.

One option I have already stated is that IF a base is taken by HWS then either remove OP or turn it off immediately. But, sadly my words are usually falling on deaf ears. Or in the case of the wife, in one and out the other.

We agreed to halt this shit on EU, he was one of them who agreed not to do exactly that

It was talked about that but nothing was put in to paper.

@Jascha Well spawning bases that turns into HWS with OP protecting is griefing. Doing it again and again is just stupid.

He is still trying to attack us. You need to stop this, We have showed you the evidence of griefing and i want a ruling on it. Just becouse he makes the meta dosnt mean he can do whatever he wants.

1 time its a mistake. 4 times not so much…

Hey, that is right. Is he doing it right now?

He has been this morning. I dont want to logon due to OP.

Pictures are from this morning. Not sure if the towers are still standing or if HWS has deleted them.

Ok I will delete all those bases.

thank you andi want to now why he is doing it when he realy knows the rules.

I talk to Rex about it. I had the feeling A.F.T. is quite drunk… but still not an excuse

Realy not. I dont give a "#¤¤ if he is drunk.

I am loggin in to see with my own eys. They are still spawning bases.

I’m not seeing any other HWS base at the moment. They must have been deleted automatically by the structure limitation.
As far as I see it was 5 in total.

well they are still spawening bases and it takes 9 min for it to go HWS.

Stop crying. I tired from you blame. When you surrounded by OP it is good. But you cant handle with HWS OP Bases for 5 minutes? It is dissapear after some minutes. bla bla bla.

BA limit it is server FEATURE not game. HWS taken BA it is server feature not game. SO STOP FUCKING CRYING about gameplay, “All coins have two sides”. If you “donator crowd” you can make whatever you wants? Tackling, lagging other players to death. Use bugger pulse lasers+aimbot? And dont say me that is false.

I makeing all of what i maked for HWS not for some rewards, just of my kindness. And never write this bullshit again. You understand? You see bad in others always but do not pay attention for you own.

A.F.T if you have any proof against illegal play from us then please move them forward.

Spawning bases that goes HWS and still shooting our bases is griefing and you know it.