HWS Birthday Party 🎂 | HWS turns 3 Years old


Hi HWS Community,

In Winter 2015 @Jascha & I met on a PvP server and learned how to work together to rule the Universe. (@smudgybear, thanks for the awesome fights! :slight_smile: )
We didn’t know at that time that we will start a Server called “HWS | Homeworld Server” on 1th March 2016.
We also didn’t know by then that our dedication in Empyrion would give 10 thousands of players an Universe they can explore and rule until today.
We both changed our real lifes in a lot of ways towards HWS, because there is nothing more satisfying than to see a Community growing with something you created with your own hands out of absolute nothing. We invented, we inspired, we never rested.
We are just speechless what 2 guys and awesome help from the community can create in 3 years.

So here we are, not knowing what the future will holds for us but we are unbelievable thankful for the last 3 years and that you were part of it!

Thank you! :bowing_man:

To celebrate this moment with you there are some gifts for you over the Weekend!

Daily Loot Gifts for everyone

  • 3x 1000 Gold Ingots
  • 3x Auto Miner Cores
  • 3x Alien Container for every Origin (happy trading / sharing)
  • Gifts are available until 03.03.2019 - 11:59PM.

HWS Support Package Discounts

  • 30% Discount for all Packages on our Support Us page
  • Discount runs until 03.03.2019 - 11:59PM.
  • I grant a margin to bought packages the last 7 days. Contact me personally if you bought something the last 7 days and we do some exchange for the 30% with other packages / HWS Ingots / Credits / RP. No refunds though.

HWS Community vs RexXxuS & Jascha

Back to the roots we give you the opportunity to take your revenge on us nasty Owners! :smiley_cat:

  • Sunday 8PM server time we wait for anyone who is brave enough to challenge us on the Homeworld Planet on HWS EU!
  • Our only ally is the Metropolis City and one PvP modified prefab ship! We won’t use any godmode cheater commands or do other unfair things!
  • However we have one Joker: we might call for help from Aliens! They told us they don’t like you :alien:
  • There will be only one limit for the planet: no CVs and no BAses allowed.

The “Event” ends as soon as you killed us! :slight_smile:

Everyone who participated and fights on Homeworld against us get a big surprise reward!
Big? Yes. Like big big? Yess. And how big? Biggg!

Have an awesome weekend and please stay tuned for the next season! I work day and night to implement a lot of nice gameplay elements for PvP and PvE!
Teaser: HWS Factory … EGS Stealth Upgrades … Mission Dealer …

Thanks again for being part of HWS | Without you all of that would not be possible!

Your HWS Team
Jascha & RexXxuS

P.S.: We would really appreciate a Patron Support to let us keep HWS as a full time job and have a kind of “regular” income and let us do HWS in its whole in the future — expanding also to other games for example.

Super Daily Loot

Will you be flying ships within limit? I mean greater than size class 1? Otherwise that battle might be very short :open_mouth:


That should tell you everything :smiley:
but nothing op, no worry :smile:


HAPPY BIRTHDAY HWS lol and well done Rexxxus and Jascha for making it this far which i think is really awsome as im sure you have had you ups and downs lol and hope there are a few more years left in you yet lol 2015 my how time flies i do miss core ramming lmao PLAY ON whoop whoop


Thank you so much @smudgybear

It’s always a pleasure to see you here and think about good old times :slight_smile:

Yes, was not always easy but we try our best for you!

See you soon in the Universe :smiley:


Happy Birthday HWS well done for all your hard Rexxxus and Jascha on the server keep up the good work and i can’t wait the next for the season :smiley:


ahh man… i would have really loved to join this… but at work until 10pm uk time…, perhaps another time… dammit…


Great job guys, wonderful server and I will try my best to join the fight.


Happy Birthday HWS. :birthday::tada:

Shame i will not be able to particepate in Event. My pc is well “beyond any repairs” XD…

Well to all other wish good and fun time. :smile_cat:


Nice, I’ll give my all to be there on sunday :blush::blush:


Hello happy birthday and give the enorabuena for this server that you have mounted thanks to you we are here enjoying some good times and others not so good but the game is like that and nothing although I have been with you for a short time I want to tell you that I will be with you while this lasts thank you very much for everything and sorry but my English is not very good greeting Rexxxus and Jascha


Really fun event. We need more of those in the future! :slight_smile: And hopefully eleon made PvP just a bit less laggy by then.


Thanks a LOT guys!

I still need to calm down about 3 new things I did this evening at once :upside_down_face:

To see 112 players online again, 50 players on one playfield and 80 players participating in one event is just mind blowing :slight_smile:

I know there were lag, I know some had different expectations how it would work but the first time is always a gamble. Still, many enjoyed it, so did Jascha and I! :slight_smile:

We are very tired but will announce the rewards + what teaser I mentioned about our ships + deliver the rewards tomorrow! Nothing is lost :slight_smile:

Thanks again a lot!


Happy Birthday guys! Event was amazing even if I lagged out at the end and was lost in space XD.

Look forward to the next season.


I really enjoyed it Rex and Jascha, thanks for all your hard work in what you do, you are very well respected by many of us and we appreciate everything you do. Lag was an issue, but whatever its nothing new and were still here playing because we love this game but maybe one thing I could add, perhaps a few rules during this event, like players shooting other players and killing them at the gate could be a no no, took a bit of joy out of the game, loosing a broken down ship and having to restart in EU when Im from NA, however with that said I had a lot of fun.

Thank you again

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Thanks for your feedback @IgoSolo and kind words! :bowing_man:

Yes, it was unfortunate that I didn’t announce the full details of the event and prepared better.
With the ev:join command many could avoid the orbital bases near Supergates for example and with a bit more work I could create couple of random teleport-in zones.
That it was kind of FFA (free for all) was intentional but the circumstances will be improved the next time!


Even though this was the idea, it’s pretty hard trying to kill a very armed tower, while getting shot by others too… with 10 FPS.

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darn, I didnt type the ev:join command,im not sure how I missed that, oh well


Rewards are given manually so @RexXxuS can probably give reward anyways ^^

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