HWS Blackmarket and NPC Trader No. X

Hey @everyone,

so one good and one bad news :wink:

the bad one:

there is again a bug :cry: yes I can set LCD lock codes to LCD screens BUT you can’t access them. It says “wrong faction”. I tested it with Radio Squirrel. But it will be fixed with 5.2 which comes coming week. So once again - bare with me and this monster project :expressionless:
Till then you can get used to the color codes which are really easy to use without any coordinates or LCD. Just with the website:

the good one

HWS Blackmarket opened its doors… well… invisible doors :wink:

If you click on the information button you get every information you need - including the right coordinates to be able to buy stuff there.

Teaser: There are too Blackmarket locations… Sierra Nebula and Homeworld where you can do your shady business :wink:

Other than that coming week we want to do finally the Alien Asylum on NA! :slight_smile: Any participants already? (5 people teams)
Quick reminder:

Your HWS Team


Like the colour coding :slight_smile: nice addition … LOOK EVERYONE Vortex industries trader will only cost 10Rp :wink: WOW you should defo buy from there :wink: :wink: lol

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