HWS Connect - NPC Trader improvements

Hey @everyone,

sorry, three announcements per day is hopefully not too much and definitely the last one today but I am just ready with another idea I had since 5.0 and I hope you like it.

Color matches sections

So by the time - even if 5.0 bugged the NPC Trader to death - you got the mechanic of the Elemental Marketplace station I hope?
If not a little heads up:
There are 16 sections. 4 main color sections and within the 4 main color sections again 4 sub color sections.
With this trick we can match each trader unique to each section.

To show this also in the web I coded a visual representation of it:

It looks complicated but it’s damn easy and helpful actually :slight_smile:

I like to hear your feedback.

Final statement for NPC Trader

Alright now and never: tomorrow I will sit down - the whole day if needed and update and fix every NPC Trader I have information about.
If I am ready every NPC Trader owner get the code for your LCD screen so you can put the text in there as you wish.

Also last call for changes to your packages if needed.

So after tomorrow the trading can start there in full power again :slight_smile:

Good night