HWS Class Enforcement Clearness


Hi HWS Community,

After Alpha 6 introduced a different Class Size calculation, we had different approaches to enforce our own Class Size limits on HWS.

Until now we had a “buffer” implemented, which allowed you to go “over” the obvious limit by 0.70.

However after lot of discussions, observations and drama, we changed our “buffer” Class enforcement down to +0,49 (was previously +0,70)
Before fights on Golden Globe for example were not that fair in certain situations when a Class 1,70 ship fought against a Class < 1.49 ship. At least it was not good for competitive play if you had to found out the 1,70 value yourself with try and error.
Now it says Class 1 in the Map info, so it is Class 1.

Increasing class size due missing blocks and decreasing class size due missing devices is almost equal nowadays.
Otherwise make sure to keep track on your Class Size values.

To give you time to adapt, I temporary increased the duration you can fly with overlimit ships on Golden Globe etc. a bit.

I will activate the normal enforcement in 24 hours again.

Your HWS Team


Thanks for the update rex. If there are any further changes to the class size ( + / -) maybe we can put it under the limits area?
I personally did not know you could go to 1.70 :slight_smile:


yeah, somehow I missed the 0.70 all the time… it’s available now


I was just messing around with trying to come up with the best class 1 ship in creative mode yesterday and 1.49 is the limit for class 1.