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Changelog MK85:


  • Buff: Handheld Drill T1 damage from 26 to 35

  • Buff: Handheld Drill T2 damage from 35 to 45

  • Buff: HV Drill T1 damage from 25 to 40

  • Buff: HV Drill T2 damage from 50 to 60

    All of the drill boosts were needed imo

  • Change: Kavae Coffee requires now 3 instead of 4 beans
    To be able to craft them at the beginning in the Clone Chamber and overall better imo

  • Buff: Player and Alien Sentry Turrets damage increased
    To make it more fun in MP


  • Change: EVA Boost from 190 to 110

  • Change: Insulation Boost (heat) from 5 to 75 (possible to survive lava planets now)
    *finally Insulation Booster make sense and Lava planets are more interesting. You get some sideeffects like -15 cold, more food consumption and slower movement)

  • Change: 2x Spoiled Food requires now Dead Plants (1x small and 1x large)
    Seaweed should be required for Sushi not for rotten Food IMO. Dead Plants were currently not used at all

  • Buff: AutoMiner Devices HP (T1/T2/T3) from 200/400/600 to 5000/6000/7000
    to make the Auto Miner Wars on Armageddon and Homeworld more real

  • Buff: Rate of fire of Alien Laser turrets
    to make them not that of a joke as before and forcing you to dodge more (training for PvP)

  • Buff: Faster Homing of green and red Alien Turrets and bit more damage


  • Buff: Almost all HP from SV guns and Structure Turrets are increased.
    too many values to list them here. Just check ingame

  • Nerf: SV Homing gun damage 450 to 400
    I still want to see more use of other SV guns

  • Buff: HV Turrets have a slight higher range
    to make them fit more into their role imo

  • Nerf: SV Gatling damage
    to reduce lag shots

  • Buff: SV Pulse gun damage
    to see it more used

  • Nerf: Increased Bullet spread of bullet projectiles for Turrets

  • Buff: Increased SV Plasma gun damage and range a bit

  • Buff: Icreased Rocket damage a bit

  • Buff: Damage, range and homing speed increased for Base Artillery rockets

  • Buff: Damage, speed and range increased for HV Plasma projectile.

  • Change: HV Plasma projectiles do more single damage to Bases but less splash damage to them and SV/HV

  • Nerf: Base Flak projectiles do less splash damage to SV/HV

  • Nerf: Base Plasma projectiles do less damage to ships

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