HWS Configs & EWS Archive

Changelog (22.12.2017) Version - V2(MK67)

  • Reduce gamage to SV\HV hull blocks from BA\CV weapons (blast damage from heavy weapons and damage from direct shoot weapons) by 15%

  • Light armored devices (cockpits, core, fuel, o2, warpdrive, pass seats, cargoboxex) now takes less damage from blast damage by 50-60% (To prevent possible lagshoots)

  • Correct damage stats for all weapons\turrets in the device description (to 95% because weapons use many types of damage to diffirent materials)

  • SV\HV weapons rebalance. Now it cause little more blast damage to all hull blocks (CV\BA\HV\SV) +10-20%. Manpads (PLAAW) cause little more blast damage to hull blocks.

  • All projectle weapons PRW (exept lasers) now have bullet spread. The more range the less chance to hit. It is reduce “lagshoots” in the space and shoots through terrain (before devs fix it).
    Reduce overal PRW damage to players. Reduce damage to light armored devices,

  • All plasma weapons makes more damage to the armored blocks

  • BA\CV Turrets and weapons balance:
    Flaks: Little nerf it shell speed, shell corrected speed (it homings), blast damage and overal damage. Reduce AOE to 3. Little reduce of ROF.
    All artillery now have 1 ammo per magazine (to prevent some bugs with it more long reloading)
    BA\CV arty -20% to ROF. (from 3 to 2.4 rpm)
    Pulse laser turrets BA\CV make little less damage.

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Changelog (23.12.2017) Version - V2(MK68) For Alpha 7.5.6

•Reduce gamage to terrain for explosive HV\SV weapons (to prevent damage the surface into AG zone).

•Raised ROF for artillery from 2.4 to 2.65 shoots per minute.

•Raised SV rocket magazine to 8. And it ammo stack to 160.

•Redused bullet spread for all PRW (10%). SV minigun by 15%. CV PRW turrets by 12%

•Raised bullet spread for all PRW (10%). SV minigun by 15%.

•Raised RANGE to 30mm and 15mm CV turerts by 10%.

•Config changes for alpha 7.5.6.

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Changelog (24.12.2017) Version - V2.1(MK69) For Alpha 7.5.6

•Change turrets range for BA\CV (to push the BA sniping to possible minimum)

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Changelog (26.12.2017) Version - V2.1(MK69C) For Alpha 7.5.6

•Change bullet spread for all PRW now it is more accurate.

•Fixed AG zone surface damage from some weapons.

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Changelog (27.12.2017) Version - V2.1(MK70C) For Alpha 7.5.7

•SV\HV missiles\rockets - ROF +10%, reloading time -10%, heavy SV weapons\HV plasma +10% HIT damage to hardmetal (turrets, generators, etc)

•BA\CV Pulse laser Turrets - reduce range for 25 meters.

•Homing rockets have +5 m\s speed +15% homing ability.

•Alien ION - correct homing ability to match it speed for green and red plasma.

•SV minigun - corrected to some stock damage for PVE with nerf to device damage (ROF\damage) to avoid lagshoots in the space. Less bullet spread.

•Some template fix (RexXxuS).

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Changelog (28.12.2017) Version - V2.1(MK71K) For Alpha 7.5.7

• BA turrets: remove access via CP (controll panel) for: All turrets except: 30mm Cannon, 15mm Minigun turrets.

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Changelog (29.12.2017) Version - V2.2(MK72Z-2) For Alpha 7.5.7

• BA\CV turrets:
Rocket turret - lowered the blast radius to 3. Corected damage for it. Lowered the ROF by 20%. Lowered
the damage to turrets by 10%. Lowered the range by 15m.

Plasma turret - corected damage for it to some full digit. Lowered the damage to turrets by 10%

Flak turret - lowered the damage to turrets by 15%

Rebalance in range placements (rotation) - BA\CV turrets - Flaks and Pulse.

• HV turrets: Homing Rocket Turret - lowered the ROF by 8%.

• SV Rockets (non guided): lowered the speed by 5m\s.

• SV\HV\CV Cockpits +40% HP.

• HV Thruster\engines rebalance power + \ force.

• CV Warpdrive - 100 HP.

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Changelog MK73F

  • CV vs CV hull blocks damage +50%
  • SV\HV weapons partial damage buff +40% agains SV\HV blocks.

We will make some tests the next days about that change and revert if needed. Please give us feedback!

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Changelog MK75B + MK75C:

  • Fix damage from homing SV weapon to concrete blocks.
  • Fix for BA\CV damagemultiplier conflicts
  • Corrected damage from SV to large blocks
  • Possible fix for AG zone surface damage
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Changelog MK81:

• Different ranges for planet\space. More ROF and less reload time to raise the damage of all weapons\turrets.
• Rebalance SV\HV weapons damage to hull large blocks (decrease a bit to mutch with new ROF)
• Energy consumption for weapons\turrets rebalance
• Templates and etc match to 7.6

Changelog MK81K:

• Changed shells speed for some turret\weapons
• Fix damage balance of CV weapons against largehullblocks
• SV rockets and railgun ammo magazine size rockets stack raised
• Fix OP count bug. Now only ONE Offline Protection per structure

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Changelog MK82:

  • bigger rebalance of BA\CV\SV\HV! (part I as a test. Part II follows after feedback)

  • BA:

    • Concrete blocks have 3000 hp now
    • overall boost against CV + HV + SV
    • Turret HP boost
    • BA damage vs hull (SV/HV) boost
    • BA damage vs hardmetal devices boost a bit
  • HV:

    • HV - heavy (plasma arty) turrets HP raised.
    • damage vs large blocks raised.
    • Artillery Homing speed nerfed (cant hit moving target)
  • SV

    • nerfed damage vs largehullbocks
  • General:

    • Nerfed finally Zirax Shotgun damage from 400 pure damage to player to 160 pure damage.

Changelog MK82B:

  • revert HV Artillery Homing speed
  • little range boost to HV Artillery rockets
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Changelog MK83

A.F.T is currently busy with real life so I took a lot of feedback from the Survey, own observations and player feedback and implemented them.
Keep in mind that I have my own “vision” of PvP here and there (see Torpedos :wink: ). While A.F.T has more PvP experience than me I want to hear more feedback from you guys of what works and what not and change properly then. Thanks again for all Survey participations regarding this!
Last but not least I can’t stress enough that NO Config change has the intention to favorite one faction more than another. That is just blind hate. Our ultimate goal is to have an awesome PvP + PvE experience for everyone!

  • nerfed BA Plasma Turret range from pure 725 to 650 to prevent BA sniping
    the current BA vs BA meta is worse enough

  • SV Rocket Launcher ammo capacity buff from 10 to 15
    to make it a more used weapon again, also for siege attacks

  • SV Rocket Launcher pure damage buff of +300
    to make it a more used weapon again, also for siege attacks

  • SV Rocket Launcher range buff of +85 on planets and +130 in space
    to make it a more used weapon again, also for siege attacks

  • SV Rocket Launcher speed nerf from 215 to 50
    to make it feel like a slow but powerful Torpedo Launcher

  • SV Homing Rocket Launcher pure damage buff of +100
    to make SV vs SV / HV fights faster

  • SV Homing Rocket Launcher damage buff to large Steel and Hardened Steel Blocks of +0.10%
    to make normal SVs vs CVs / Garage ships a bit more useful

  • BA Flak damage buff. They do +0.25% more damage to SVs and HVs
    to fit Flaks more into their “Anti Air” role


Changelog MK84:

  • boosted CV drills damage from 35 to 100
    CV drills should be in my opinion way more powerful and worth the risk to not have the radar map while sitting in the turret. Making Black Hole very lucrative now!

  • CV drill energy consumption from 1 MW to 10 MW Watt
    The exchange for such a powerful tool should be a good design decision regarding generators

  • Alien and Human NPC Blocks no longer give Gold Coins while deconstructing but instead 1 Water Jug (and 1 Xeno Substrate)*
    While it could make sense to “hire” NPCs with Gold Coins it isn’t logical regarding “crafting”. Water and some mysterious Alien component makes more sense. Xeno Substrate only in form of a blueprint > Keep blueprint resource


Changelog MK85:


  • Buff: Handheld Drill T1 damage from 26 to 35

  • Buff: Handheld Drill T2 damage from 35 to 45

  • Buff: HV Drill T1 damage from 25 to 40

  • Buff: HV Drill T2 damage from 50 to 60

    All of the drill boosts were needed imo

  • Change: Kavae Coffee requires now 3 instead of 4 beans
    To be able to craft them at the beginning in the Clone Chamber and overall better imo

  • Buff: Player and Alien Sentry Turrets damage increased
    To make it more fun in MP


  • Change: EVA Boost from 190 to 110

  • Change: Insulation Boost (heat) from 5 to 75 (possible to survive lava planets now)
    *finally Insulation Booster make sense and Lava planets are more interesting. You get some sideeffects like -15 cold, more food consumption and slower movement)

  • Change: 2x Spoiled Food requires now Dead Plants (1x small and 1x large)
    Seaweed should be required for Sushi not for rotten Food IMO. Dead Plants were currently not used at all

  • Buff: AutoMiner Devices HP (T1/T2/T3) from 200/400/600 to 5000/6000/7000
    to make the Auto Miner Wars on Armageddon and Homeworld more real

  • Buff: Rate of fire of Alien Laser turrets
    to make them not that of a joke as before and forcing you to dodge more (training for PvP)

  • Buff: Faster Homing of green and red Alien Turrets and bit more damage


  • Buff: Almost all HP from SV guns and Structure Turrets are increased.
    too many values to list them here. Just check ingame

  • Nerf: SV Homing gun damage 450 to 400
    I still want to see more use of other SV guns

  • Buff: HV Turrets have a slight higher range
    to make them fit more into their role imo

  • Nerf: SV Gatling damage
    to reduce lag shots

  • Buff: SV Pulse gun damage
    to see it more used

  • Nerf: Increased Bullet spread of bullet projectiles for Turrets

  • Buff: Increased SV Plasma gun damage and range a bit

  • Buff: Icreased Rocket damage a bit

  • Buff: Damage, range and homing speed increased for Base Artillery rockets

  • Buff: Damage, speed and range increased for HV Plasma projectile.

  • Change: HV Plasma projectiles do more single damage to Bases but less splash damage to them and SV/HV

  • Nerf: Base Flak projectiles do less splash damage to SV/HV

  • Nerf: Base Plasma projectiles do less damage to ships

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Changelog MK86:

  • SV / HV Cockpits are now limited to max. 2 per ship
    some guys were creative and built ships only out of cockpits because of the change below

  • SV / HV Cockpits Hitpoints are nerfed from over 1k to ~500
    since I can’t create conditional items in the config you can still build 18+ cockpits. To just prevent abuses (and a possible fix of splash damage for Pilots in cockpits) this was needed

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Changelog MK87:

Alpha 8 changed tons of stuff. This time it was me doing all the changes and first of all updating to the new format. It took me couple of days…
To point out the most important things:

  • Some drill power got nerfed because we have to test the new planet voxel method first. With the old strong Drill I got too many “missing vertices” in the console. It is still bit more powerful than vanilla but not as in HWS 7.X.X
    Keep in mind that you also have CV Drills now!

  • Water is used for Cement now, which means it is also used for Concrete blocks which means your blueprints need also Water now here and there.
    First of all I decided to stick to reality that Cement needs water and second this was the first version to push Water to a more meaningful resource. It is way too underrated.

  • Rock Dust is used for Glass Plate, thus Blueprints with Windows now. Similar reason to above

  • The Damage of all Turrets is more or less the same as in HWS 7.X.X.
    The only difference is the Blast Radius damage. After I spent almost a whole day testing the impact of Blast Radius damage I approved that this is causing your Client to FPS lag, Disconnect or even crash.
    Hence I nerfed the Blast Radius of almost all projectiles a little bit. It’s still splash damage but before it was too much for an Alpha Game to handle. I hope this change is noticable in bigger fights

  • We have now officially a Semi Auto Shotgun with 10 rounds! Grab your Epic Shotgun and give it a try! You will like it for sure :slight_smile:

  • Craft Times and Ingredients got slightly increased to fit better to our HWS late game story

  • Camera Shake got set to Zero for everything! I do not support this harlem shake non-sense for the cost of people with motion sickness!

  • Stack Size got adjusted to our NPC Trader template which means that all Device stacks are set to 100. While this boosts finally some items like containers this also nerfs items such as Constructor and Generators from 999. I saw the intention behind 1er Stack Sizes but think it’s too heavy. 100 however should keep the spirit to not spoil your blueprint factory any time but keep some inventory space decisions still legit.


Changelog MK88:

After the Alpha 8 launch we got a better picture of what works on HWS and what not. While the PvP meta is still not that point in discussions other things are:

  • REVERTED “Component based Repair to Blueprint” instead of “Ingot based R2BP”.
    Even though bugs might get fixed about R2BP is not running while you are away in the next patch and I was one of the guy recommended to only use Ingots as input for repairing, I will run this test here on HWS to see if the Component way isn’t the better way. Because on MP you have big ships and ingots in its raw format is not very futuristic. I like more the component “repair & garage” logic. See a little comparison below with the same damaged SV and the time difference (56 seconds instead of 2:08 minutes). Please post in the forum or PM over the next week if it’s better than now or not. Thank you.

  • Added Water as base item to be allowed on R2BP (oversight from me)

  • Nerfed the hitpoints of the Bomber Drone to 15000
    Before it was 50000 and caused “Zombie Bomber”, they didn’t die even though the tag was white. Vanilla is 10000. I wait until this bug get fixed to offer a real challenge even to PvP guys

  • Added all type of Thrusters to be able to be repaired / placed if stuck in Pole or other Land Claim Zone
    we can allow / disallow certain items in the Land Claim Zone. For example to not place HV turrets but HV RCS to be able to fly away in an enemy Land Claim Zone

  • Changed max. Solar Panels to 25
    As announced elsewhere already. Vanilla is 15 but this is based on small universes with all playfields near the sun. Since Strayom Sector is very far out from the sun we try to compensate the efficiency here a bit


Changelog MK89:

  • Changed: Hangar Doors and Shutter Doors hitpoint. From 3000-8000 down to vanilla hitpoints
    They got abused in certain blueprints as damage absorber which was not intended
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