SV homming nerf

Continuing the discussion from HWS Config:

I know you want to see more guns used, but this is ‘the weapon’ for SV to SV combat. If other weapons become more powerful and this one weaker… we will see the ‘macro fire’ people have an even larger advantage in SV to SV combat. It already creates a fair play issue, as not everyone can program mice/keyboards to chain fire all weapons.

You are quoting a 20 days old change?

I Kind of agree with Chap.

On the other hand I’d like to see splash upped about 1 meter (one SV block?) on each weapon.

Fights are getting to a healthy spot where one’s almost capable of killing another fighter in close combat in relatively medium length engagements.

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Just because its an old change shouldn’t mean we can’t open dialogue about it, right?

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Legitimate questions here as I’m kinda out of the game currently and haven’t had enough free time to play actively. What impact is that gonna have on killing pilots out of cockpits?

Isn’t that the reason why splash is as low/small/weak as it is right now, to avoid so much issue with pilots dying while their craft is still completely functional?

How angry are pilots/builders gonna be when they have to redesign crafts more often because their ships are still intact but they die anyway and their BPs are basically give away because of that?

Just wondered why it didn’t come earlier or if it is known that it is implemented almost one month already.

But feel free to discuss

Sorry, I miss read and thought it was another nerf.

But I still feel macro fire is an issue. Those who use it must feel the same or they wouldn’t be using it.

Rail and pulse projectile speed should be doubled. They don’t really have any splash damage and it’s too hard to lead with those weapons when you factor in lag.

Ideally you could give rails the Flak treatment.

Make them slightly homing to account for distance traveled.

Double Pulse projectile speed, give plasma some splash, give Rail slight homing (smart rounds) and it would greatly increase the diversity of weapons used.


Giving each weapon a purpose would be great. But the Macro fire still needs to be addressed as an issue. Either everyone should have it, or no one?

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OR if possible allowing 12 (example) of any mix of weapons like it was pre 4.0

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Interesting point, but Macro fire is not as Great as people claim. The fact of the matter is its far better to aim Rails and Homeing then to blurt out a macro and miss with everything.

Macro fire does not really effect a duel and thus is not a issue. Verses a base, I bet all of us want a macro lol. I dont use macros even though I have the mouse for it because I just can click fast enough.

Bottom line, (1) Macros cannot be stopped or policed…

(2) Are not really a advantage as it tends to be a less accurate volley and use up Alot of ammo.

(3) PvP pros manually fire Homing and Rails for max DPS in SV/SV
Only using plasma if the enemy stops, instead of all that wasted ammo and needless misses.


It ‘could’ be stopped by the options I mentioned (allowing any number/combo of guns with an over all gun limit). Or at least no longer an advantage as all players would be able to fire max guns.

If this where true I would not be seeing it used against me in SV duels, or against tanks or bases.

This is why I support the idea of Homming being so good at SV to SV combat no one wants to use anything else. At the moment, it is the only thing preventing macro fire from being a serious fair play issue as opposed to a minor one. (which I admit it is currently a minor issue, if Homming gets to many nerfs and rails suddenly get seeking… this wont be a minor issue)

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Hell, give me 12 rails again at current stats and I will kill absolutely any of you in an SV duel. :stuck_out_tongue:

More likely you’d see 12 homing and literally nothing else.

I’d probably use 6 homing 6 rails.

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That’s fine, as long as it is balanced and not a fair play issue. Currently it is not ‘fair’ for some to be able to fire up to 21 guns and others are stuck between 4 and 6.

How hard is it exactly to spam 1-5 and left click?

The only really useful time you’ll be using a macro is when you’re lined up on a base and safely shooting.

Like Speed said, people who use macros in SV on SV combat miss 99.9% of their volleys are are bad to begin with. No skilled pilot is going to crimp himself by using a macro in a dogfight.

I will use rails between homing volleys, but it’s manually keyed on my keyboard.


I guess it is hard enough for people to write a script for and use… Again this wouldn’t be an issue I would bring up if I wasn’t seeing it used in PVP.

Even in the tank event Dreamworks was running something in the back ground (I am not going to guess what someone can fill me in) that disabled his tank which is how I beat him in the first match up.

Also Vandruis didn’t you use your macro at least twice in our skirmish above Prof Void two days ago? You are right, both times you missed but if I lagged at the right moment or I wasn’t a very good pilot call me crazy your hit percent would be much higher.

I fought some guys on EU and they kept firing 130mm SLOW missiles at me from long range. Only reason I can think of is a macro, that fired all. Never hit me with any just wasted a lot of ammo, lol. I have a Logitech G105 keyboard and matching G series mouse and have never used the macros as I see no advantage in this game. True, Speed can spam those 1-4 keys pretty fast and unload all his guns, but the times it is useful are very rare.

I agree that macro firing is more of an excuse for losing than an actual advantage. The majority of uses in EGS are for mining and such. PING is the big unbalancer here… maybe set the mining rate to match the highest ping on the server so we can all be fair…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I dont use a macro in dogfights, i will manually switch weapons with scroll if I see you’re at a low point of velocity or at a corner of a turn but i wont use macro unless they’re neck-deep in the dirt mining.

It’s incredibly easy to write macros nowadays.

Step 1: Go to mouse software (logitech, corsair, synapse) press Macro. Press “record” … record keys 1 click 2 click 3 click 4 click, etc etc… press save… assign to mouse button of choice… save… done. literally can be done mid-fight, and have done so to switch it up when i run out of particular ammo or when i lose weapons

Honestly, it doesn’t sound like it’s an issue currently even by your own admission. If homing missiles are nerfed heavily it could become an issue but as of right now even you admit that it’s a minor issue at best and only lagging “at the right moment” or “being a bad pilot” would amount to macro firing being useful. Lagging at the right moment can get you killed without macro fire. Being a bad pilot can get you killed without macro fire.

Definitely something to stay aware of but even by your own admission it’s not a problem as of the current implementation.

@Vandruis, any comment about the splash questions I had? I’m legitimately curious. I’m hoping to have more time come next season to actually be able to play and therefore participate in PvP, working on my own ships, learning as much as I can from you veterans, etc.