HWS Creative Scenario out now!

Good Evening HWS Community,

I try to make it quick, because it did cost me the whole day today, I needed for HWS 14… but getting feedback from the Community for my work couldn’t wait either. Especially when I start with the real Config changes for HWS 14.

So here it is, I created a dedicated HWS Creative Scenario for you, the HWS Community, to easily start and use my HWS Configs:

For the Changelog it keeps this updated post:

I thought very long about the possibilities, since sharing just the Config (ecf) files does not work since Patch 1.3 anymore.

I really wanted to make it a HWS Patron only service, since all the extra work with Github is unpaid work basically.
But I realized that for one, I know some Patrons would just share it with others anyways and second the introduction to HWS specific things should be as low as possible.

Nevertheless, for 2021 I will think more about Patreon and reflect 2020. The work I put in HWS and Empyrion is in no relationship in what I get in return, to be honest with you. I normally don’t write about such things.

That being said, please be sure that I appreciate any Euro/Dollar you can spare to support HWS, to support Ju, Jascha and me. It means really a lot to us!

More importantly though: I really try my best to make HWS 14 work before Christmas… unfortunately with that low amount of time left, I can’t deliver everything on the start and try to add everything step by step during the season.

Anyways, I’m excited either way and hope to see you all in HWS 14.

Your HWS Team


can`t wait to test this =) will be great!

About my money! I think that for most of us, it is as easy as this! If it is worth it, the few EU a month is nothing compared to the work!
My patreon at this moment cost me less than 6 beers (and we all agree, i dont need 6 more beers) And i think most have it that way!
When i overlook my Patreon there is so much shit i pay every month that i dont even know about anymore! From games i dont play to youtubers that is not interesting anymore!
Will clean that up an add a lvl to HWS.

You are cheaper, but provide much much more to my life than Netflix :wink:

Hope to see 14 comming the 23rd, after 2pm :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: (my flight lands at noone!

Keep it up, you do great!

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