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With the release of Alpha 7.5 and Alpha 12, we are now able to adjust properties for almost everything in the game by ourselves. Players joining on HWS are playing with our HWS Configs and a completely different gaming experience.

It allows us to change some game aspects such as damage, hitpoints, rate of fire and more to fit better into the Multiplayer purpose than it was before.
For a rough overview please watch our Teaser for HWS 7.X and check this topic frequently out for changelogs about our config (outdated but explaining the principles)

Contribution and Usage

I’ve decided to make our years of work public. Please respect and note the README file here:

For most of you it is easier to use the Workshop:

:warning: Using my custom models without my permission, using my work without permission will have (legal) consequences.

HWS+ Config overview

  • Improving PvP by taking performance, damage, ROF, Blast and more into account

  • Make weapons effective against other weapons or components or blocks

  • Creating an in-depth Rock-Paper-Scissor experience

  • Creating different new aspects for PvE regarding enforcing POI raids to get Epic weapons etc.

  • Convenience changes such as faster Drill, Multi Tool, higher stack sizes, etc.

Effectiveness / Elemental Weapon System (EWS²)

To implement a popular and successful concept into Empyrion “Rock-Paper-Scissors”, I’ve reworked the HWS+ Configs completely regarding it. Check the graphic below to see what weapon is good against which element/material:

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