HWS Discord Server

We migrated from Teamspeak to our own Discord Server.

This move provided us with a number of advantages and new abilities:

  • nearly 24/7 support with quicker response time
  • a fast and easy way to get in touch with us or the community (real-time or asynchronously)
  • instant notification when a new forum post or announcement is made
  • read in-game chat in real-time - even when you are not logged in to HWS
  • become a Patron and write from Discord to in-game players
  • request a connection of your faction chat and discord. That way you get also intruded alarms 24/7 in there.

Keep in mind that you can have temporary channels for your faction, just request it. But setting up a permanent channel with game integration cost us time and fills up space in the HWS Discord server. Our goal is to only have active faction channels there and not hundreds of empty ones as we saw on other Discord servers.

HWS Discord Server: Discord

Note: After each full wipe we have to re-integrate the Discord <> Ingame Faction chat. Please let us know if your faction continues to use that faction chat feature.

Some guidelines and info:

  1. The Discord <> Ingame Chat integration is now available for HWS Elite & HWS Meta Patrons.
  2. If you are in-game, you have to use the in-game chat! I see too often players in-game and using Discord to make their chat “special” over others → abuse.
  3. Quick notes, quick help is fine. I consider HWS Elite and HWS Meta as loyal and “old” HWS players. Similar to the HWS Community Helper role.
    The chat feature should not be abused for general chat, because
  4. The API we have currently does not allow us to split the incoming and outgoing chat into global chat and faction chat. @Jascha only has one way he can broadcast the chat and that is in global AND faction chat. A very bad limitation we have to live with it for now.
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