HWS Donator Question

So I bought the HWS Donator package. After a full wipe, do I keep credits and OCD stuff? If not, what else should I get?

You get what you can read on the card :slight_smile:

Do items in OCD get wiped after a server wipe?

So Rex, along with the HWS Donator package that I have, would you suggest just buy the Keep Blueprint resources package and load it up with stuff I mined and buy with credits or also get the keep 500K credits package?

I would take resources over credits for now but it is up to you really :slight_smile:

I’d go with OCD resource-stacking. People won’t be selling a lot until there is a surplus. Won’t be a surplus until people have enough. Until then, having an OCD bank to draw from is preferable.

But I don’t see an OCD package only one for blueprint resources.