Important Announcement: coming full wipe!

Hey guys,

I think this is the last pre-HWS 4.0 topic from me.
Because more and more people asking I make it here very clear what will be saved and what won’t be saved with the full wipe.

After the full wipe HWS saves your…

  • Orbital Cargo Drone (OCD). Everything you have in the OCD stored is save and you can get the items back after the wipe from there
  • 250.000 credits. If you have more than 250.000 credits on your bank they will be gone. You have the option though to support us with a donation and get some more saved. See here
  • playtime.
  • Auto Miner Ores. But as mentioned: we will deactivate the AM for 4.0 for now. It is up to you if you want to sell the Auto Miners for 25% or keep them. We give the Eleon Auto Miner a chance, collect feedback and make them better. It could still be that we activate it somewhen. So it will just continue where it was left before 4.0.
  • Reputation Points IF you bought the “HWS Donator” Package somewhen.
  • resources in your Blueprint Factory if you have the “Keep Blueprint Resources after full wipe” package bought.
  • Donation packages. They get refilled.

After the full wipe HWS saves NOT your…

  • ships / bases. Every ship with everything inside is gone (due wrong compatibility)
  • ready to spawn ships in your blueprint factory. They are gone (due local storage, nothing we can fetch)
  • whole player. Level, Inventory credits, items, faction, etc. is gone. (due wrong compatibility)

So prepare yourself. HWS 4.0 === Alpha 4.0 is coming soon (maybe end of october).

Remember that a complete new universe is in progress with a lot of changes regarding gameplay.

Your HWS Team



I’m really looking forward to the few days before the wipe. I have CV that I cannot wait to drag into combat with nothing to lose.

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