HWS Easter Event 2021

Dear HWS Community,

I think by now everyone is somehow still affected by the current Corona Virus situation in one or the other way. Most of you probably in a negative or limiting way. For those, who got sick because of it, I hope will fight it, to become immune against it and come out of it stronger than before!
For now we have to stay at home and just make the best out of it, right?
Luckily, as Gamer or digital Content producer it’s not that bad and I saw a lot of new players coming. Welcome to all of you!

That is the reason @Ju worked hard on a big HWS Easter Event, which should bring you all together at least virtually :slight_smile:

HWS Easter Event 2021

Since it’s a space game and we like the Marvel Phase 1-3 movies, we got a bit inspired by a special Character: Yondu as you might recognized. We call him the “Yondu Easter Bunny”. :smiley:

During his journey through the HWS Universe he of course lost (or sold?) 11 of his Eggs out of his basket and need You, Guardians of the Eggs, to find them, so he can collect them again.

The Eggs however have a lot of treasures for you prepared. Not only loot rewards but also Wisdom rewards, especially for our new players.

You will probably recognize the touch @Ju did here :slight_smile:

Event Details

Well, the Event is easy as I explained but the most important detail is the time I guess.

The whole Sunday and Monday (04th-06th April) you can use the Event Teleporter in the EGS HQ / Outpost in ECC Sector, in the Homeworld PvE System.

Make sure your baskets are empty and you can transport all the Goodies out to your OCD :slight_smile:

HWS Support Easter Discount

Additionally the whole weekend there is a 10% Discount on everything on our Support Us page.

Bonus: You will be able to buy the 7 Permanent Packages only during this Weekend Period. (Keep 100m Credits, etc.)

Thank you so much for your continues support, for you just playing on HWS!
It is nice to see you like HWS RE, which gives me time to work on HWS+ for EU and NA.
There is still a lot to do.

Stay Safe and Healthy out there!

Your HWS Team

P.S.: Who finds my Easter Egg?


It doesnt bring us together, it divides us… The Players from EU and NA are excluded from this event. But okay, have fun. Happy Easter to the RE Server. :expressionless:

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I will probably also add it for EU/NA with the next server restart.
A lot of work for 3 players and right now I rather concentrate on HWS+.

Sorry @RexXxuS - stupid me - how can I get to the EQS HQ ?

And - an amazing idea! Thanks for all your efforts @Ju

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It is the most popular HWS POI @Raistlin
See here:

You will find it in the Homeworld PvE System, in the ECC Sector, at the ECC Planet.

With the extremely limited capacity of our suits, how can we be sure to get our “baskets” out of the event and into our OCD? RE is so limited, our daily grind its made exponentially harder in terms of carrying anything. I do hope this infernal limitation was taken into account when making this event for RE.

Saying that, i look forward to it. I just hope is not an exercise in futility :wink:

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Ah - 7LJ away - that sounds makeable :slight_smile:

I don’t think it will work tho , RE limit the capacity of our suits, please advice , also RE has no Flying City yet .

Best regards

Maybe you have to do some more trips.
I did not test all loot drops on RE with all of the containers and Armors and boosters available.
I’m sure you guys will and you will find ways to grab your loot.
The ONLY thing I really did was to reduce the Volume of Alien Containers from 800 to 100 I think.

The Event should be also rather enjoyed in terms of puzzles and POI design and not the loot.
You know, the simple things in life :slight_smile:

Flying City won’t make it in RE as long as Traders and puzzles are updated for it.
Too much work for Ju for now.
HWS+ requires all of our strength guys.

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I have the standard reputation “unfriendly” with EGS. Not sure - is it save to land on the planet / interact with the NPCs? The other factions shoot on me…

Is is possible to make that change all-round in RE? After all, the yellow containers are tokens, and is very frustrating when the weekly loot catches you out without your weapon and then you must sit there for an hour just to absorb your containers one at a time. That if you were lucky enough to be within a large enough box distance, if not, you watch them melt away as you cannot possibly catch them all. To be honest, like all tokens, we should be able to carry the 100 monthly containers in the default backpack, which starts from 500 capacity.

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yellow containers are, well, containers, placeable items, not tokens, so not so small volume

you always get the containers directly into your inventory, you just can’t move them around inventory or pick anything else while being “overloaded”…it’s your own responsibility to be able to store them further if you wish so…and if you are not anywhere near your ship/base, then don’t claim your daily reward until you are

i don’t know why would you need to absorb them one at a time, putting alien containers into container, then to connected toolbar and use egs:as, after which you simply transfer containers from toolbar to the window and press send…sounds pretty simple to me and it takes only couple of minutes

buying them from the ECC shady trader :frowning:

no connectable boxes on planet when using the teleporters. tokens seem a better option than leaving structures @ HQ :wink:

“…and if you are not anywhere near your ship/base, then don’t claim your daily reward until you are”

I am Patron and do not get a choice when they hit my inventory. They come when they are good and ready and the claim button gets glitchy for me, i cannot claim the normal way.

Anyone that places them in world will learn they do nothing. They are used as a form of RP token, hence my explanation and why i see them as a token.

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as far i know, you can turn off the auto-collect feature in-game with command…insert from Guide section on HWS Connect: “To turn off your Auto Daily Loot, for example, type co:off:ADL

And i would make my life harder why?

i have simply rectify your false claim, you have a choice, if you want to use it or not, your problem

very big SV? :slight_smile:
but yes, tokens would be better solution, perhaps with HWS+

I feel you’re being contrary just because. Whatever point you’re trying to make, is not helpful or constructive. Have a good day/evening Sir.

Even as a developer I need to say: That was a lot of work!!

Hidden doors, hints, mini games - I love it! You bring Empyrion to the level it deserves. Hopefully that soon more people play that wonderful game.

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Did you figure out the blue door on the rabbits face? We cant even find a clue

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