HWS Garage Reclaim | Mistakes were made

Hey @everyone,

where lights are, are also shadows…

Today we have to admit we made a mistake with our special HWS Garage feature.
As you know this unique feature should give you the special “bit” to enjoy spending your money, enjoy the feeling of gaining Alien Technology® and having fun you can’t get anywhere - other servers or Singleplayer.

But with the decision to implement now also very high advanced CV Garage ships we crossed a border we were not allowed to cross.

The CVs “Draupnir” and “September” are officially reclaimed! (and any modification of them)

The mistake we made was:

these CVs have BAse turrets installed via special Alien Technology®. And even though they have their weaknesses for PvP and the BA turrets for defence in mind we underestimated the creativity of certain players ( we won’t mention names ) who rebuild these CVs to PvP ships but with the BAse turrets still inplace.

That way, as always with human greed and power, they gained a massive advantage over others we won’t and can’t tolerate.

We will contact these people and give them a short period of time to destroy / rebuild their ships under our observation and will of course take these CVs out from sale and rebuild them.

You should trust in the Garage ships not only as buyer but also as citizen.
That is our responsibility and we take it seriously.

Sorry for the inconveniences it might have caused!

Your HWS Team

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So you guys will refund my 50 million credits then?

Sounds like a great idea was had but not seeing the exploit was the only mistake. Shame that people do things like that.

I have not looked into them as I dont know if they offer insurance. So I dont seem the advantage.

Partially yes. Since you have to only destroy the turrets I will recalculate the refund with the amount of time I wasted to restore structures you destroyed with this exploit.

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Was a bit of a shock but fun fighting it in my c1 sv lol

Calling it an exploit seems abit harsh since there was no disclaimer forbidding us from modifying these ships, the entire value tof those ships was based on their advantage over other ships.

it is the same with all the ships which have illegal components, the x7 for instance can easily be turned into an sv with a cv power system.

True true, that is the reason why we nicely reclaim it instead of insta deleting them and offer refunds etc.

In the nature it was an exploit only with the BA turrets. High ranges etc. At least from what I have seen Bases are defenseless against this long range CVs (which are not meant to shoot on planets yet)

SO if we have one do we need to take off base turrets?

Yes please.

So what is going to be done about the SV’s and HV’s being re-engineered with Base turrets bought from the Garage?

What about SV’s with CV powertrains (Generators thrusters RCS)

Just leave it as it is, Rex, People will catch up with us, we’re just ahead of the game as usual.

The thing is all of those 3 or so structures we destroyed we will simply do again with overwhelming numbers, I feel we are being punished for improvising within the stated rules. I would really appreciate a significant refund of the over 80 million credits ACP has spent.

And the “Most Arrogant Player of the Year” award goes to… :stuck_out_tongue:

I know you are and everyone with these ships can smell the power.

Let me explain:

All ships were balanced in its way. Maybe Mjolnir is also very strong but HVs are in general the weakest chain and can be countered in other ways.

Also the other SVs do have their strenths and weaknesses even if you rebuild them.

The CVs however had only the price as weakness what we just overlooked. In addition with the athmosphere turret shooting range change in Alpha 7 I realize that this is not good for “normal” players to defend themselves against it.

Last but not least we have to be carefully in changing game core mechanics to a certain degree.
And for now CV Turrets are not able to shoot on planets so we have to respect that also or balance it properly.

We like to see that the Garage feature is so well known, popular and in demand but it does not mean we can go crazy with our idea.

My first thought about these garage ships was “well thats not good now I have to buy these ships to compete”. However as a pvper I must stay ahead of the meta.I did exactly that. I will be happy to go delete these ships entirely right now for you but please seriously consider the effort and hours we all put in to stay ahead of the game and win.

Thanks. Let me know when you are done - I will check your ships later today then.

I will take the feedback that we are able to influence the meta so heavily with our Garage feature very seriously since we hadn’t this in mind in first place.

I think I also need to step in here and shoulder a portion of the blame for the oversight after all the CV’s were my idea. Stupidly I overlooked the fact that these things would be stripped and rebuilt, the thought didnt occur in fairness and with everything going on prior to 7’s release it was long hours and hard work to get everything done and finished.

MY vision for the garage is specifically to have nice designs which are able to pack a punch and also withstand a bit of hammer. I wanted to engineer the whole thing like a car showroom with the glossy brochures and all that stuff and believe me, ive put a LOT of time in to try and make it work. The last thing I want is for it to be a cause for complaints and grief, for me, RexXxuS or ANY of our players and community. Its there for the players of which Ive been one for a long time and its there to bring something unique and hopefully appealing to most.

What it ISNT supposed to be as far as Im concerned is a tool to bring widespread game changing mechanic to HWS and due to the oversight, well, thats what it appears to have done. All of the other analogies SV power etc dont have the same impact on the mechanic as raining fire down from multiple rockets over some poor sods base.

Kudos for the initiative, but this has to go unfortunately. I apologise for my oversight and hope we can bring this thing back to where it needs to be.

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  1. I would appreciate it if we shut down the exploit conversation immediately. This is not an exploit, it was just us being creative.

  2. Giving CVs base turrets was definitely an oversight, but pro PvP players immediately saw the value that Admins overlooked.

My advice is ask some of the more seasoned PvPers before we publish these types of ships. I would be glad to tell you what is going to be able to instantly steam roll other players.

  1. Please refund our credits for those CVs. In the end those CVs had a couple of other nice features but the only thing of value were those base turrets.

I just want to say Rex, I completely understand the situation you are in. It was an oversight. I just want the conversation of exploiting and ACP having done anything wrong to stop.

I appreciate all the hardwork Admins do, keep up good work guys.


It’s not the fact that they were stripped and rebuilt - that was just to make it so they could last a little while against another base. If we kept the CVs in their original state they still would have been OP, especially the Luxury CV. Having that many base turrets being able to fire and dodge = instant win.


All turrets have been removed from our 80 million credits worth of ships. All 11 of the members of ACP are very unhappy with the loss of credits and the accusations that we exploited in some fashion. They all feel that we are being punished for winning within the given rules. I would also like to point out that the Mjolnir is even more powerful than the CV by itself without any modification. Is the same issue going to occur if we buy those and destroy other bases?

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