"HWS Garage" Ship not found what i want to buy

Hello all togehther,

i have a question about the HWS Garage.

WHat is if i want to buy a ship what i saw in the HWS Garage Showroom event or on the Homepage. But i cant see the ship on the Homepage “HWS Garage” Topic.

Can someone help me how this is working.

Best regards


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The ships in the Event are from the HWS Garage Contest.

You can vote for the ships in the Contest and if it wins, it will get a place in the Garage. For example the amazing “Traders Glory”

The Contest ends tomorrow and after that the winners get a place in the Garage

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Okey nice thank you!

I thought they are still all in the game to buy :wink:

I think i know all now xd

best regards


yes we want the trader’s glory flying around the verse…vote vote vote!!

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