HWS Garage update I | 4 new ships

Hey @everyone,
the HWS Garage update I is done and you have 4 new ships to enjoy and discover!

In that step the price of the Prometheus got increased to 9m and the Prototype Q replaced with the Raider

Remember: the Explorer and Expedition have Stargates onboard. You have to contact me to set the destination of your Base.
Keep in mind though that I will only setup 2 Stargates per faction to prevent excessive usage.

Your HWS Team

P.S.: The Garage guide will be updated soon regarding the new ships. The Raider has an observation version at the HWS Garage HQ though.


Cool !

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And here the analysis for the garage update :

  • the price increase for the Prometheus from 5million to 9million is brutal, please add at least a warp drive to it
  • the Raider ? What is it, a mining SV with some self defence ? 10 T2 drills to the 9 T2 drills of the X7 is not worth it. 8 guided missile launchers are nice but less than Prometheus or V-Wing. You should FIRST add a purpose to a vessel and design it after. Nobody will buy this, players will buy either a X7 for mining or a Prometheus/V-Wing for PVP
  • Expedition for 20million, are you insane ??? What is it, a big SV with a few weapons, 6 T2 drills and a stargate. As i mentioned before this vessel is mulri-purpose, other specialized garage ships are more effective for their purpose. The stargate is nice, but only if you add it to a CV. Players could dock SV/HV, live in PVP space and visit their PVE base.
  • Explorer, well a SV with multi tools, who needs that ? With a stargate, but this only has a meaning on CVs, as mentioned before.
  • Diablo… ok this one is nice and nasty. Good idea to have it back, perfect ganking tool :stuck_out_tongue:

Any restriction on the stargates? Or they can go anywhere(sure not faction restricted and such Or starters) from anywhere?

I really recommend in general to reword your “analysis” to “strong personal opinion” (without much looked into it).

Otherwise I don’t feel the need to reply anymore really.

  • Prometheus was only used as a “slut” structure. Cheap Alien Core + rebuild to PvP monster. I have my analysis on that part.

  • Raider has

  • alien core
  • xeno armor for heavy tank
  • devices like medbay, ATM, shower, etc.
  • 10 t2 drills
  • cv multi tool
  • cv drill tool
  • base repair pad
  • 8 rocket launcher
  • cv engines

Normally Garage ships should only have one purpose. This ship has at least 2. You can rebuild it to anything you want.

So for a driller it would be around 8m. For a figher it would be around 6m.
But the other features makes it +3m.

  • Expedition is a luxury ship with a SV farm, xeno and other benefits you find not elsewhere.
    Stargates do work on SVs and have nothing to do with CVs.

  • Same for Explorer.

2 per faction and only to bases. You can’t go from a Base to the SV. Never.

Obviously no Base in ECC + Space + CSW + Starter possible

I designed the best (In my humble opinion) SV miner, sorry you don’t like it.

i also feel the Prometheus was increased too much for a slut ship… 7.5mil would be a better price for it IMO as u would have to take out half to more than half of its original cv armor to do a decent job of armoring it up. This is just input on someone who has only begun to get into garage ships and felt that the Prometheus was the gateway ship i needed to try out before i go balls deep and spend millions on much more advanced ships… TBH, i was about to buy it yesterday but forgot to bring a landing pad it is so unfortunate on my end that i decided to just go with EB level 4… It is not a cheap alien core anymore.

I made a prometheus in 7.0 into a 14,000 block sv that still had nearly perfect accel and room for even more blocks as a test.

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Can we link an SV to SV or is it only SV to BA. Example if we buy x2 Explorer or Expedition ships.

Empyrion can’t locate moving objects.

no doubt we can make these things into monsters… im just saying we have to rip it apart and sacrifice more than most ships to do so

A suggestion.

People who donate for a donator planet can pay an small additional fee for a teleport portal from their planet to ECC Galactic Services.

Could have a room with x number of teleports all behind doors w/ passcodes leading to their planet. It’s 2 way.

Win/Win for players and you getting extra donations.

This reply is ridiculous. You may want to delete it before too many people see it.

It’s a typical @DarkMiracle reply to be completely honest. Every time I see him make a post “analyzing” something it’s mostly him completely attacking the foundations of what he’s referring to in pretty brutal fashion. You just have to learn how to pick out some discussion points in the extreme negativity, I keep meaning to get around to his post about his assessment of 7.x.x.

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why is a miner ship equipped with all these extra devices, driving up its price and size? I can slap a whole bunch of needless extra devices on a ship and call it the best too. Raider is way too big and trying to do too many things. The only way its a good miner is because of the amount of drill lasers, too bad the ship is way too big and way too expensive.

Not a good combat ship because the drills and missiles are not spread out and are directly on the nose, it’ll lose many drills, turrets, and missiles right away in any combat. It should also be made of combat steel, but that would make the price even more ridiculous. A combat SV does not need atm, repair pad, multi turret, drill turret, 10 drills. Many of those turrets and drills will be gone after a single engagement. The repair pad will be gone after a single hit. Why would I rebuild the Raider when I can by an X7 for half the price and be a better driller. Or just rebuild a Maur or V-wing for way better combat…or just buy a Fenrir or Mjolnir.

DarkMiracle is right in that the ships are trying to do too much.

The Expedition farm can only make 3 cans of vegetable from a full harvest. We get: 24 durian, 28 corn, 24 wheat, 12 tomato, 12 pumpkin, 20 fiber. The tomato and durian sprout amounts should be swapped, and corn, wheat, and fiber amounts adjusted.

The thruster positioning on the expedition is completely blinding. The inside lights and grow lights are blinding, to the point that being inside the ship is actually causing lag. The Expedition has more multi turrets than there are seats on the ship. Nobody with the cash to buy this uses multi turrets anyway (recycle). Drill turrets and asteroids are also pretty bad and if you plan on using them, you might as well be in a CV.

“Combat” and “Miner” should never been in the same thought when making a ship. If you want to make an expensive defensible miner ship, just give it couple (2 each) flak/missile/cannon turrets + drill lasers + combat steel and call it a day. Edit*turrets don’t fire on SV sooooo

Expedition is a luxury ship

The farm, waygate, devices, and repair on the Expedition is awesome. The extra weaponry, turrets, and drills take the space of more valuable devices. It also literally hurts to look at. I was looking forward to buying it. For a 20m luxury SV I would want the constructors + fridge/food + forges + waygate + farm + extended warp tank (or CV warp range) + a couple turrets.

What is in the Explorer?

Turrets on SV’s no longer fire (even manually from a passenger seat), so this is not possible. Sorry.

Thanks for your support to all but the troll Alandauron, meat bag summed up the reasons for critics very well by offering facts.

Just not to do too much Rex-bashing what would not be fair towards the guy providing to us the last playable MMO currently.

So thanks for the garage revamp, which was necessary. But please dont just create very beautiful (and i admit that the designs are fantastic, ok the Diablo not so much, but in the „age of ugly size 1,49 troll SV bricks“ i really appreciate the efforts) but before creation consider the PURPOSE of the newly designed vessel. If you need an example : Just consider the suggestion of meat bag for a „X7 with some weapon turrets“

For example a „troll bulk PVP Base destroyer“ could be clumpsy and slow, but with massive firepower and armor.
On the other hand a „dogfight SV“ could be light, super agile and armed with 12 pulse lasers (which are low damage instant hitters on HWS)

I think these examples show what i mean.

Another central issue :slight_smile:

I dont think that the stargates will work if you do a cross server warp to NA and back to EU, right ? Did you ever consider that ?

So i beg you, please first the analysis and the action later😉

hey all

  1. I read your opinions, personally for me - each model is interesting and balanced
    for features you should pay money, more features - more money > thanks to admins and creators
  2. bad news for me - that we cant jump from bases to sv with stargates, lost idea how to use it :slight_smile:
  3. clarification for diablo - is it rockets or homming rockets ?
  4. can admins make a cv “Refinery” where more than 8 furnaces and 8 advanced constructors has a speed of constructing - for example 8x times quicker that usual ? :slight_smile:
  5. can admins make new garage ships with higher speed - for example 10% more than usual ? :slight_smile:

I’m very happy with my Raider I purchased last night… :blush:

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