HWS Garage Updates

Due to popular demand, we have updated and enhanced the X7. Now the X7B, this updated version is available universally at all HWS Garages and is now warp capable, comes with an Advanced constructor and more. Download the updated PDF HERE

We have also brought NA and EU inline with each other and now both server Garages are identical. Cheap Alien Cores are now a thing of the past and all prices have increased due to inflation and the extortionate cost of Super Enhanced Alien Technology™. All signage should now be correct and inline with the Ship Webpage which is also up to date. If you spot anything I’ve undoubtedly missed, please PM @DeeExpus

Have Fun!
Your HWS Team


Dont see any updates on the link. But i do see the old Mjolnir, the old Recon, and the old x7. And you got rid of the archimedes, but kept the other super crap garage ships (HOG Titan-s Scorpia, new Recon)? Baffling, because those ships are terrible and the archy was a decent ship for 6m.

Hey, thanks for your eloquent words of critique, much appreciated.

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He’s not wrong. Some of them looks like it might get cored by a single salvo from a POI with player turrets, or if you get jumped. Then the millions you sunk into them are just wasted.

It feels like a few factions have all of the money, and everyone else just scrapes around until they get jumped by bored rich people. And if you’re not in that GG-controlling alliance, you don’t have easy upgraded OAM,OCD and such, and no ships to play with.

Heck, ACP has enough funds that they have FOUR of those factory ships blatantly parked on ECC, apparently doing nothing but minting coins. With upgraded OCD, they can keep resources safe, and they’re “living in PVP” while actually risking very little.

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This ^^^^

Until factions can band together and remove their alliance from GG it’ll probably stay this way. ACP/TAW/DIV have far more active numbers than any other faction playing.

You want to get to the gold, better to start making your alliances and be persistent in your efforts. No one man solution in the current gameplay environment can achieve this (i.e. Antigrief).

Our biggest ally is everyone being antisocial, actually those factories are cooking cs blocks mostly.

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Firstly, horses for courses. You’re right, some ships wouldn’t last 5 mins against a POI because they haven’t been designed to tackle POI’s, or indeed be taken any where near threat of destruction.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion just as everyone is entitled to play the game how they want to play it, not all players want out and out PVP. PVP players as you all know are quite capable of building their own ships, fit for purpose and tbh the garage ships just get ripped to bits to take advantage of the components, not the design. They’re expensive for a reason.

I know the value of earning on this server, ive done it. I also know how rewarding it is to finally save for what you want in the game. If you dont like the “terrible super crap” ships in the Garage, spend your hard earned at the black market and build your own.

As for making money, that’s a whole other topic …

Oh and if you click the link for the X-7, you will find an updated PDF detailing the many extra’s added to the ship, far surpassing what was in the Archimedes.


Ps. Always happy to receive superior player submissions … @Abrum13

only thing functionally of any value is sv mining, capital thrusters on SV’s, and shooting off turrets on other people’s mid life crises.


updates to x7 sounds cool, appreciate the work on the documentation.

I wish they were non alien core instead of being more expensive. It’s not like fuel consumption on SV is hugely out of proportion with CV components.

The topics of making money and affording ships are certainly related. If ships are weighted so that people with money don’t just recycle them for parts, they are priced out of the range of many other players, and vice versa.

And combat-worthiness is a very big issue for any ship in a PVP playfield. So, if you want any rare resources, you’re generally in a PVP playfield, and smaller groups and solo players can’t effectively defend while digging.

And as soon as that PVP starts, the ship would be dead. But since they couldn’t afford to drop 5m on a portable SV base, it’s actually not even an issue…

I apologize for being rude. You put a lot of effort into these ships, and i appreciate it. But the archy was a good ship, and few new tanks would be awesome. The Mjolnir didnt have to be completely moved to the other spectrum, but its still a nice HV. But the new Recon? No use at all for it whatsoever, and the others? Who is going to mine asteroids with their buddies in one? No one. and 15, 20 rails? maybe if i put enough armor around it, i could use it to cut down towers, but otherwise? I think the sales of the ships probably tell the tale. If people are buying em, i must be dead wrong.

It feels like the garage ships went from being useful to just full of a lot of switches. The upgrade X-7 is a great step in the right direction, but there could be a ton of functional ships added without so much pizaz.

The V-wing is great, Kolshoft (spelling) eh, not for 15 MILLION. The Foundry made the Evenmaur pointless to buy, along with the Maur.

As for the CV’s, BEAUTIFUL. Not worth buying for any reason other than having too much money, but BEAUTIFUL ships. Why spend 20m when i can aliencore a cv with all the advanced constructors i want. turrets are the first thing blown off, so withouth the ability to replace them, Not worth the money.

I propose an incentive to players that want to build garage ships. If they make one you like enough, maybe they get one for free? Some RP maybe?

Again, ive been waiting for new ships like Christmas is coming, so if my post put you off to the idea of making new ones, I am VERY sorry

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All my ships are single purpose with no frills, they dont even remotely resemble garage ships. If i thought anything i made would have a shot, i would submit one. I dont do switches, i dont make them “comfy”. They are made for war or for mining, with only the p menu to use anything.

If you would like to see my remake of any of the garage ships i have bought, i will gladly show you. Because some of them can be made into monstrous tier 1 weapons of war…

Im going to take this opportunity to have a little rant.

Firstly, thanks for the apology I really do appreciate it.

When i First started as Admin I literally had NO idea of the work that goes into making HWS what it is. The two owners are absolutely tireless with their commitment and hard work and are constantly flogging themselves to make this whole thing better and better for the players, I literally had my eyes opened on day 1 to how hard this whole backroom thing is. Myself, I have put countless hours of work into trying to transform the garage into something a little more special and unique to HWS.

Thankfully there is balance between the Hate and the love, the nice comments spur you on to keep at it but the hate can be incredibly demoralising, to the point you think “why bother”. Fortunately, we’re clearly thick skinned as we’re all still here to help you guys have fun, but it would be great if folks would consider this before letting loose on the hate.

I’ll freely admit that I don’t know everything and I’m not the best ship designer in the world, but I do put thought into what I do and I do try to consider all players, not just the die hard PVP brigade. There HAS to be balance. Your point of view is clearly focused on PVP and that’s cool, but the whole point of PVP in this game is to design a ship clever enough to outwit/outlast/outmaneuver your opponents. The Garage is here to support that, not to give you an invincible tool to drive the less fortunate/wealthy out of the server. If you’re waiting for such a ship, you’ll be waiting a long time.

With ref to the incentive, its already there along with details for the submission process and the spec we’d like to see met:

Finally, you’re right, the sales do speak for themselves. In a game where ship design is prevalent and everyone is a designer, its great to see some of these ships ARE in demand and do have a place in the game. We can see what sells and what doesnt and are proactive in taking that feedback along with Player feedback (INCLUDING yours!) to make the Garage great again … :wink:

I implore EVERYONE to submit any designs or idea’s they may have, all are considered, but I’m sticking to my guns as far as looks go, even if I have to tart them up myself :slight_smile:

Finally, really, whatever the feedback (providing its constructive), thank you for taking the time, it IS considered and it IS appreciated. Based on early feedback from this thread, 2 “Contract Price” (ie cheap) ships are now available on ALL of the origin Garages, on both servers … which incidentally took me all day yesterday to update … :smile:


Im working on a tank right now i think you’ll like. Obviously it will need some balance, but the concept you’ll like.

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As a consumer on the garage ships. there’s a love hate relationship with them in ACP. Words along the lines of “what were they thinking” and “we are going to make them regret that” come up frequently.

Sometimes I want to get the garage removed entirely. However, It IS a cool idea and we spend a lot of time thinking about garage ships and what we can do with them. That in and of itself makes it clear that they matter and are interesting.

It’s going to get a lot of flak though. It’s a hot topic. Extreme losses are easy and with literal value there is some serious expectations. A lot of accusation about exploiting.

As it is though, a lot of the documentation about the garage is about a season out of date and poorly organized and the ships in game don’t seem to match the ships in the documentation

all the prices in

(Base turrets on mojolnir)

(base turrets on recon)

Mjolnir and Recon info fixed, thanks.

Are we going to see the other ships return as well? Such as the plasma SV and the diablo? Those were reasonably priced given their non-homing weapons. But the vwing for 12mil, no thx. The only ones who would buy these are the ACP alliance, not worth it to me though.the CVs fall in the same category as well.

Not even Im willing to shell out 12mil for a ship that loses value every time it loses a block. I did buy 1 vwing last season to dismantle and test. It hasnt got enough energy generation for its energy demand resulting in removing thrusters in creative mode improving its thrust. Not even 20 sv gens were enough to make up the shortfall. (This test was after i removed everything except the drivetrain, weapons and cs blocks)

We might bring them back but not at these prices since they only got used for recycle and Alien Core hoarding.

We have some other Garage Ships ideas in general. Combining to give them away by doing special PDA missions… soon®

Is there a possibility of removing the alien core from being factored in for recycling? It could be obtained later on from some other means instead (let them do ultra difficult POIs or PDA missions or something), So that the cheaper garage ships can be returned to availability?

Can you bring back a non alien core version of the Casano?