HWS Garage Updates

Not even Im willing to shell out 12mil for a ship that loses value every time it loses a block. I did buy 1 vwing last season to dismantle and test. It hasnt got enough energy generation for its energy demand resulting in removing thrusters in creative mode improving its thrust. Not even 20 sv gens were enough to make up the shortfall. (This test was after i removed everything except the drivetrain, weapons and cs blocks)

We might bring them back but not at these prices since they only got used for recycle and Alien Core hoarding.

We have some other Garage Ships ideas in general. Combining to give them away by doing special PDA missions… soon®

Is there a possibility of removing the alien core from being factored in for recycling? It could be obtained later on from some other means instead (let them do ultra difficult POIs or PDA missions or something), So that the cheaper garage ships can be returned to availability?

Can you bring back a non alien core version of the Casano?

That is an idea I could accept; return the lower cost garage ships with standard cores.

You lot Moan, I listen :smiley:

See the bottom of the list. @Booyaah, the “Maur Contract” has a repair block. Consano is obsolete.

You forgot the diablo :laughing:

will x7b warp CV distances ?

no just has a cv size tank so you don’t have to fill it as often

What a problem to put the capital ship for sale in orbit. Constantly gives an expectation of 2 minutes. On the planet it works, but it starts to swear at the class of the ship. In orbit teleport one way back do not return on the planet

Что за проблема выставить капитальный корабль на продажу на орбите. Постоянно выдает ожидание 2 минуты. На планете срабатывает, но начинает ругаться на класс корабля. На орбите телепорт в одну сторону обратно не врнуться на планету

What ship are you talking about?
You try to sell your own CV at the HWS Garage HQ in ECC System?

Yes, in the ECC system in orbit, he tried to put a ship of his own production for sale, the availability of the team’s work only on the surface of the planet in the garage, but there the class restriction works and forces the planet to leave, and the command does not work in orbit. name VD_8s7.
There is no teleport to the surface from the orbit of the garage, which caused additional problems

Да в системе ЕСС на орбите пытался выставить корабль собственного производства на продажу, доступность работы команды только на поверхности планеты в гараже, но там ограничение по классу срабатывает и заставляет покинуть планету, а на орбите не срабатывает команда. Название корабля VD_8s7
Телепорта на поверхность с орбиты гаража нету, что повлекло дополнительные проблемы

VD_8s7 is a CV. CVs can only be sold in the orbit, not on the planet. Planet = SV + HV.
There is a teleport, you just have to go inside the Garage HQ (left side).

At the moment, with the ship in the ECC orbit, there is no site and station here

На данный момент с кораблём на орбите ЕСС, тут площадки и станции нету

Oops :see_no_evil:
That might be a problem :wink:

I restored it now.

btw. even if there is no building you can sell it.

Yes the zone is not thaaaat big.
You have put your ship to faction?
I try to increase the zone.

Ok, try again

No change, no matter where in the park, the same inscription as on the screenshot

Без изменений, не важно в каком месте паркую, одна и та же надпись, что на скрине

Ah, you missed the ingame message from me.

I sold your ship. It seems there is a problem… @Jascha has to check.

Check HWS Connect if your ship is listed there.

ok, min