HWS Halloween Event 2020 | Find the Pumpkin Shells for the Legendary Pumpkin Armor!

Happy Halloween HWS Community!

Welcome to our third HWS Halloween Event! :jack_o_lantern:
This year is a very special Event waiting for you!

I did a very quick video teasering you about it. Watch it here:

Help the Monster Guard!

The poor guy has to protect you from the Monsters, which are imprisoned in the Halloween Pepper! Oh no!
And the only way he can defend it is to get the HWS Halloween Armor!! But he lost it yesterday, so it is YOUR destiny to bring him the needed 100 HWS Halloween Pumpkin Shells!

It is just a little share, 1 Pumpkin Shell per player. You can keep all the rest for YOUR own HWS Halloween Armor! You can craft it your own even!
The best Armor in the Universe!

But keep in mind :warning: The 100 HWS Halloween Pumpkin Shells are only available during the HWS Halloween Event!
You can store the Pumpkin Shells and the Halloween Armor in your OCD though!

So what are you are waiting for?

The Event will be running 1 week, until Monday, 9th November!


We wish you a lot of fun and stay safe!
Ju & RexXxuS

P.S.: This is a very advanced Event, which took us some time and thoughts. It can be seen as prototype for future great events, if all works out as planned.
For example Event specific items, only available during that time but storeable in your OCD. For maximum value - time and credit wise.


The NA Event teleporters are not active?

same on EU, database thingy =) He is working on it

Looks like a lot of effort went into it. Thanks for the hard work. Looks good


Wonderful way to lose everything you have on you. Not for those of us that are rather new.

If you lost your stuff in the basement, there is a window you can fly your drone thru to get it back


Rex, you guys have done an outstanding job with this event IMO. Love the environment, the HWS epic armor is amazing, the ships are sweet. I know it was a lot of work and thank you for putting in the time to get it done. I look forward to future events.

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@RexXxuS very fun and well designed event! lot’s of goodies for all who out forth a little effort. the new armor is fantastic! just curious to know if it can be carried to next season in our OCDs.

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Thanks for the nice words! Always appreciated to hear, especially for Ju, she spent many hours into it.

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