HWS Limit & HWS Garage Patch

yeah i have other weapons mounted on my ship but i only take a stack or so of any ammo with me into a fight incase i go down, im not handing too much over, so when i do run out of missiles i switch to lasers and plasma and rails

I might be wrong but Tequila Walker is remade Pystons HV, if im right and it is I wouldnt like it at all if I would be Pyston.

But its just speculation…generaly…where the hell is DX?

I don’t know all Workshop items but @Crewmember123 has to tell us this.

In general I trust to the Garage submissions that it is THEIR work and not stolen from anybody.
If it is without letting me know, they are banned from any further submissions.

Can we get more info about those new ships ?

Some of the new ships are in the HWS Showroom (EU) to check out.

More details are coming in the Forum.


ATTENTION: A Corrupted Cruiser was found in Homeworld Sector at ~ 0 0 12000. It has still a high value: an OCD Zone and No Guilty zone (stay in there and you become automatically unguilty). But you probably have to fight for them!

Thanks to @mcprouty for that POI!
It will get improved over time.


Unfortunately more and more reports came to me about some new HWS Garage ships.
The real owner of some of them were people from the Workshop and they didn’t give permission to use them on HWS, even if modified.
This resulted in a change of our Submission Guideline you can find here:

Until further investigation I have to remove some ships again (Teguila, Asura and Mega Miner)

P.S.: Added the great PO-7 again!

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I knew the mega miner was something from workshop, i remember seeing it featured by someone on youtube. although im surprised any one would have a problem with their work being used when its on the workshop for all to get. i suppose so long as they get recognition for their work and IP then fair. @RexXxuS have you reached out to any of these builders and posed the question if it is okay to use their work even if modified some? im sure they would be totally alright with it because some of the other ships were very cool and interesting.

hey is one of those garage ships your creation?

Yes, I designed the mordred. I can proudly say that I did not steal anyones intellectual property.


lol no i wasnt thinking that you did. i just wanted to ask you, whats up with the doors into the rooms with the thrusters. i walked though the door to one and fell in and had a b**** of a time getting out lol. i was just like whyyyyy, who would do something so evil xO

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Ah crap, i was looking at that Mega Miner and drooling with desire.

it was pretty nice, the middle section was nothing that great, but those 15 drills though, thats nice and all but unless the gap between the drills on the badger is an issue then id go with that since its only one less drill.

I know some would be maybe even proud that their ship got used by hundreds on HWS but in the end it is something bureaucratic time intense thing to do - asking everyone for permission etc.

While the workshop items can be used in the public (see Eleon EULA), it can still be handled differently from case to case, especially since HWS has some haters, I just don’t have the time for.

Only real exception would be the other way around: the workshop owner comes to me and give a :+1:

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well if you can give a list of the creators then i would be more than happy to contact them.

I built the ship in CV mode first, then scaled it down later, so that room made a lot more sense in CV mode and by the time I had gotten to SV mode, I was trimming away to get it under a certain block/class size threshold. It shouldn’t be an issue getting out if you’re not in a high G environment though :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m glad to see you like the ship though, I spent a lot of time on it so seeing other people enjoy my hardwork is really rewarding and wholesome <3


Did you have used T2 RCS?

It would be cool if there were a chance to start a test-flight ^^

yes I did, there are 11 CV T2 RCS are in there.

I spent ALOT of time working on the Raider to get the drills placed in a way that the middle section would not mine faster than the edges. Hince why it only has two in the middle and 5 on the outside. What this does is the drills on the outside will mine a larger gap making it too where the ship will tunnel. With even placement, the middle will drill too fast and the edges too slow and the ship will not tunnel correctly.

I am going to guess that the badger is in the same boat on drill placement, it may look wrong, but it works (I have used it in two different seasons).

yes i had always wondered why the drills on the badger were spaced so far apart. that makes sense.