HWS Meta Patch Online!

HWS Meta Patch Online!

Welcome back on HWS!
Sorry, the Patch took me 1 hour… read below why:


  • You have the PDA now INGAME without any download. Well almost. IF you want to have the HWS specific images please go HERE and download them :slight_smile:
    Just Press F1 in the game to see HWS Tutorial / HWS FAQ. More informations AND more missions coming the coming days :slight_smile:

  • Patched universe!

  • Added a beautiful new PvE Planet to Peacekeeper 1: Adiona! But warning, there are strong POIs to destroy first :wink:

  • 10k block limit on PvE planets (CV+BA)

  • The maximum devices you can have everywhere is 700 for a BA and 500 for a CV

  • Gold Federation, Mercury, Desertworld and Homeworld got terrain wiped and adjusted resources. Worth to check them out. Oh by the way… Gold Federation mobilized some Aliens in Fortresses

  • Updated Reputation System: you will need at least 1 Reputation Point (RP) to be able to use fa:supply.

  • How and who get RP?
    ** Alliance passive 1RP per day and income salary of 1000 + 1000 credits * RP per day
    ** Lawless no RP
    ** Pirate 1RP per day if nothing in PvE
    ** Trader 1RP per day if warped at least one time within 24hours.
    ** Hunter 1RP per day if not died within 24 hours and getting then 1000 + 1000 credits * RP per day
    ** Read it also up in the ingame PDA or on the Story Page

  • NPC Trader limits
    ** Lawless: can buy 2 NPC packages per day
    ** Pirate: can buy 5 NPC packages per day
    ** Hunter: can buy 10 NPC packages per day
    ** Alliance: can buy 5 NPC packages per day
    ** Trader: can buy 7 NPC + RP packages per day

  • New fa:supply packages:

  • Offline Protection is activated again and set to 24hours!

  • Decay time is set to 3hours now and Wipe Time to 7 days!

Are you magician or how this is possible?!

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The devs have changed the code behind the PDA, who knows maybe they saw our custom version and thought it was a good idea for every server to have the chance :stuck_out_tongue:


Mindblowing :smiley:
I wish i could force myself to get back to the Land of Bugs.

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why not wipe the server and start over with new world? its like one week left until an wipe anyways.

Because we wiping for now always as soon as a big patch comes out. If we wipe now and the 4.0 comes out in few weeks which contains new stuff then we have to wipe again.

I admit that the road from 3 to 4 was one of the most difficult ones and it is not even over :expressionless:

I appreciate the effort to make Trader reputation valuable, but I find NPC traders don’t offer any goods that are profitable. Being able to purchase 8+ packages per day is just a way to burn extra cred, since resale margins would be nonexistent. The 100 crystals per week is kind of nice, but I burn through that in a day, the rest of the trader supply just isn’t competitive. I personally hope these changes will discourage people from taking and abusing the Trader tag, but as a Trader, I feel it isn’t worthwhile. I will likely be looking for an Alliance to join and support with my trading tendencies.

Thanks for your feedback.
The Economy Trader is almost the package of donators. And the military NPC Trader coming tomorrow to be prepared for a fight.
The EU server has some nice packages too.

As I mentioned in the parent topic it is a nerf yes but a better standing to build on top of it as before.
I still need to find a way to create the real “Trader” feeling with all the limitation the game give us :confused: So please hold on. We trying our best to also have a cool Story mode along everything else.

It’s okay. I know its difficult to find the balance. If NPCs offer packages that CAN make profit, it will flood the market and devalue everything. I just wanted to offer some feedback that I hope was constructive. Ideally, localized markets would create trade routes, but that’s pretty much game dev stuff, not on you guys at all. I might check out the CSW and see if that is worth the effort.

Side note: I love the additional tools you’ve created for this server. That coupled with your attempt to FIND that Trader feel still make this a great place to play. I remain a strong supporter of your work and enhancing Story trumps all my petty Trader concerns.

Well I would like local marketplace too and as stated HERE it is up to the community. We already had the marketplace :wink:

But I guess to many people like the ingame GUI…

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