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Hey @everyone,

as some of you have already recognized we are now starting a campaign for both new and old HWS members.

It would be a total waste if the website redesign, new features, etc. were not getting attention and people that were coming back to HWS 7 did not have a clue what was going on.

We want to hook you up with coming changes in a better way and hopefully improve from there.

As a special thank you for your subscription to the newsletter, you get 5x Auto Miner Cores and 999x Gold Ore per player!
Events, special rewards, unique lock codes for epic containers and more will be also sent over this medium, so its totally worth subscribing.


After a reload in HWS Connect or our website, you will see a newsletter popup after 5 seconds, but you can also subscribe via this direct link:


I will also try to integrate this in the forum and fingers crossed, you like this.

Of course it is 100% optional and you can unsubscribe at any time.
We will verify for your steam name on all HWS servers but PLEASE NOTE If it is not 100% correct we can’t give the package out!

Your HWS Team


1st whoop whoop

Great job again @RexXxuS your on a roll


Great things are in store for Empyrion with HWS. Players on other servers don’t know what they’re missing.


Didnt get any letters…

I can’t see “AlexAKM” in the newsletter list. What ingame name did you type in the field?

Nice features, just a little problem with daily loot, might be me doing something wrong. Tried on Sanctuary from Sanctuary Connect, no daily loot, tried again right now, no daily loot.
When i tried on EU loot window with core and coins opened ok.
So something is with Sanctuary or im missing something and doing it wrong way.

Did you see a counter?
If not: your session expired.
You have to press f5 in that case until the button says either “Daily loot in: now!” or “Daily loot in xh xm xs”.

Other than that it works fine

EDIT: I found one problem which might have caused this. Please try again next time

Ok will try. Counter is counting 24hours after i click. Session should have been active as i think i freshly logged in, or refreshed session…you know what i mean…in morning, 15 min maybe before i clicked Daily Loot

Ok thanks, will try tommorrow and let you know.

ohhh ok

whoop whoop

Just tried, worked without any problems :slight_smile: Thank you very much.

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Great job , HWS website looks amazing , players log and other features are very useful.
Big Thanks. :1st_place_medal:


I havent got that subscription bonus

Check again please, should be in your inventory

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