HWS NPC Trader Revolution!

Hey HWS Community,

for the HWS NPC Trader Owner out there or one, who are in the process of getting one, there are huge news!

Customize your own HWS NPC Trader

A 3 year old vision of mine came true by the incredible coding talent of @Hayawen and @Jascha!

You are now able to customize your own HWS NPC Trader as you wish and submit your content to me, so I only have to approve it!
If something is wrong, I can also reject it with a message, letting you know what was wrong.

Once you have the Trader accepted, you can’t change it anymore and is for 7 days locked that way. After 7 days you are able to reconfigure them and send a new content to me, so I can review it.

The items are taken from the allowed list and quantity always set to the maximum available automatically. Price is calculated on the fly as well. :slight_smile:

Impressions and Flow

I’m exited in your new way submitting your own packages and especially without much delay anymore!

Your HWS Team


Neat! Good work.


Very nice change since it automates some work that you had to do manually :slight_smile:


Amazing! Thank you :slight_smile:

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Awesome job! Glad it will save you time :smiley:

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Good job guys!!!

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Oh pretty cool :+1:
Will be fun to see how the traders will react to updates / market situations & your posts now that changing them becomes really easy :grin:

Mostly i got the feeling that i am the only one who changes his NPC Trader :smiley:

Recently i had a customer survery about this:

I really hope to see more diversity in the offers now.

And in the mean time - buy at the United Space Traders NPC for best Deals :wink:

Thanks for the Feedback so far guys! Really glad you like it!

Attention for older packages

Since the process of the HWS NPC Trader is now fully automated, it means that everything before falls under human failure for my side.

Please reconfigure your packages if I made mistakes before that Revolution.
For example 1000 XL Thrusters for the price of 100 etc.

Sorry for the inconveniences.