HWS OAM not producing at correct rate

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What happened: Orbital AutoMiner does not appear to be working correctly
Player(s) with issue: Encendyo
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): at least the last 2 days
Playfield: Out of Game
Structure Name(s): N/A
Structure ID(s): N/A
How can we help you now: I am reporting this here because I could not find a more suitable venue. A few days before the New Year, I upgraded my Gold Autominer from level 2 to level 3. This was while it was ‘running’, so when the tally at the end didn’t match I assumed it would update on the next fuel cycle. It has not.
Nearly every day, I clear out my autominers with am:get:all:all, which cleans my gold, erestrum, and zascosium miners simultaneously. MY Ere and Zas miners are level 2, Gold is level 3. They all produce at the same rate, they all have the exact same amount of ore in them at the same time. My conclusion is that the level 3 rate is not being applied.
Not a huge thing (it is, but only because I’m a broke newbie, could have used the 60k elsewhere), but an error is an error.

That could actually be the case.
Its due to the math or the rounding. Will check that again.

I reported this exact thing a year ago. Nothing was ever done about it. it was said it was a rounding error. It is still posted incorrectly in all locations (it still claims 3 rares/hour but has only ever delivered 2/hour. It kinda defeats the purpose to upgrade to level 3 until you also have the credits to upgrade to level 4 at the same time.

Thank you for looking into this Jasha. I play with a friend, his name is Kirche, who has found the same thing with hims level 3 OAMs. If it is only supposed to produce 2 rares/hour, please update the documentation so that others are not mislead.

Thank you guys, also for your patience.
I fixed it and will update the tool in the next days.

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