Good evening all players of HWS.

I have come up with a possible solution to the lack of pvp in all the normal sectors of the HWS Universe. (not the events).

After talking to a few players from a few small factions like the one I am in myself about pvp and why people don’t wanna venture into pvp places.

The number 1 thing that has been mentioned is the fact that guys are worried to lose all their hard earned materials, be it from looting a poi in the pvp planets to mining that all important resource you just cannot get enough of in a pve sector.

My proposal is as follows:

For players who have ocd 6 to have the ability to OCD:PUT in a pvp space BUT only put and on a timer of 6 hours (4 times a day) with an increase in price of the upgrade to say 90-100 million.

In my Opinion this will give players a little bit more of an incentive to venture out into pvp space because they have the ability to go and get those resources but at a lower risk of losing it because of the PUT feature. ( I must stress this is PUT ONLY)

The worst case is they will lose a ship and 1rp for dying …… not so bad if you think that you could have over 50k ores or lots of loot from a poi that could go to the opposing player.

Thanks for reading and please do vote as I genuinely believe this could be a great addition to the HWS servers that we all love to play!!!


ive posted it to the correct page and will delete this post :slight_smile:

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one of my biggest concerns for mining in pvp was loosing what i collected to either someone ganking it or it just floating away into the abyss of lost items. not all of us have others to watch our backs in the danger zone. great idea!

Warping out to save loot is just one button. Does it really have to be even easier?

wait i spent 700.000.000 credits to obtain ocd 7 and use it on pvp and now you want to do it with 1/100 of credits? :joy_cat:
Now Is much more easier to obtain credits than was before. You can just disassemble xeno pois and be millionaire now. It worth more than gold.

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