Good evening all players of HWS.

I have come up with a possible solution to the lack of pvp in all the normal sectors of the HWS Universe. (not the events).

After talking to a few players from a few small factions like the one I am in myself about pvp and why people don’t wanna venture into pvp places.

The number 1 thing that has been mentioned is the fact that guys are worried to lose all their hard earned materials, be it from looting a poi in the pvp planets to mining that all important resource you just cannot get enough of in a pve sector.

My proposal is as follows:

For players who have ocd 6 to have the ability to OCD:PUT in a pvp space BUT only put and on a timer of 6 hours (4 times a day) with an increase in price of the upgrade to say 90-100 million.

In my Opinion this will give players a little bit more of an incentive to venture out into pvp space because they have the ability to go and get those resources but at a lower risk of losing it because of the PUT feature. ( I must stress this is PUT ONLY)

The worst case is they will lose a ship and 1rp for dying …… not so bad if you think that you could have over 50k ores or lots of loot from a poi that could go to the opposing player.

Thanks for reading and please do vote as I genuinely believe this could be a great addition to the HWS servers that we all love to play!!!

i don’t want to have to spend more time mining then i need to it is boring and nothing is worse then mining for 3 hours and getting destroyed by other players and losing it all. so i love this idea.


I agree with you, and i would even suggest to allow all OCD levels do this, except 1, level 2 can be every 2 hrs, ocd 3 can be every 1hr and 45mins and so on, its not sufficient for full on pve players to use but it gives them enough incentive to go into pvp. However the time on the other ocd levels would have to change but that might be a good thing.

Good suggestion by the way :slight_smile:


Or get ocd7?


ocd 7 takes more then half a year for most player and i am bored now. if this gets more people in pvp i am happy. i dont need the loot would just be nice to shoot some thing

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This suggestion is to help people who are scared, dont have the faction support or may not have the resources to pull this off, let alone able or even dream of getting ocd 7.

Most of the veterans were able to because money was easier back then, especially with commodities and rp wasnt required.

Its an idea, at least its constructive and putting us in a spot to think about the future of HWS, rather it gets approved or not, its an idea that may help

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I made it last season…
Half the season I was at sea, but did it anyway.

Yes, got some nice help, but would still make it…
I sold much of my ocd, every diamond I got. Epic drill was sold…

I used the reward driller only.

But yes, I do see the point of this discussion. I really do.

But isn’t half the fun of mining in PvP the fear of being attacked?

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I think ocd ruins the game and makes it cheese…
I vote OCD be ONLY useable at start/end of season :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree with you, i gained my ocd level and large amounts of cash through pvp, but again it encourages more to come to pvp if they have more of a chance to survive, then maybe one day we can keep all the rare ore in pvp and make it harder for ppl, but at least they will have the chance to save it all if they have that ocd option

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lol that would bring alot of discussion, Id love for you to put it up for vote, that would be an interesting read


I actually think the exact opposite is the best idea. Meaning only allow remove from the OCD in PVP area. That way it encourages and facilitates more pvp while still in pvp, and makes resources more valuable and encourages the use of materials that are stored up in the ocd.

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that’s a very good point too, both ideas seem to work to benefit both pvp and pve players, its a hard one for sure, I think the communities need to be more involved on this on which idea they like more to bad there are only a few ppl who reply to things like this

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I 100% agree with this idea. Right now there are tons of resources and POIs in pvp space that are totally untouched, as the players who like mining and POIs don’t want to lose all their hard work to a random ganker, and players who like to randomly gank don’t enjoy mining and POIs XD

Giving a failsafe for pve players to essentially “save” their progress when doing POIs or mining in PvP space will really help encourage more people to go there. Which will hopefully also help the pvp players feel less bored. Win win for everyone!

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I like this idea a lot.

I will go a little bit further. I will put it on OCD 5 with a 12 hrs timer and OCD 6 with a 6 hrs timer.

Maybe, this can be put in for the next season?

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Having a PUT with a long cooldown (up to 23 hours) would be a good idea- I would certainly use it- I’m not sure how much it would help though. As there are other factors that may weigh in regards to whether people go to pvp space.

To get to PvP you need a CV, but to land on homeworld planets it needs to be less than 150 blocks so you need to build a CV just for this purpose, but Not all players are going to be willing to take the time to build a 150 block CV. The alternative, leaving a CV in orbit in pvp space while you nip down to the planet in an SV seems an intrinsically very bad idea and I never even considered it.

You can get there via supergate, but that is not straightforward in terms of you need a lot of knowledge of HWS rather than just Empyrion and need to faff about looking up commands while playing. Not an issue when you know how to do it, but still not ideal for newbies. These two points make travelling to PVP space less attractive or feasible for a new player.

There is also the issue of loot. I’ve tried a lot of the homeworld POIs in the last week to see if I could find places to use the freelancer code and to do the HQ mission for an alien core but, overall, I can get better loot from Triton (particularly in terms of Epic weapons for selling on the marketplace and ammo) with:

  1. no danger from other players and
  2. dealing with less dangerous POIs (in particular I can easily take them out with a SV, the homeworld ones are often better built (no terrain nearby to hide behind, no glaring weakness to a particular direction so are more costly in terms of pentaxid or damage). This may be partially an artefact of me being familiar with them, but the terrain is definitely usually better for hiding behind IMO.
  3. fewer warps (pentaxid) and less time flying through space
  4. The option to hack tons of things from the Zirax factory (or POL if you prefer) in between taking down POIs.

Rare resources, apart from gold, are also not really rare. There is no need at all to mine Erestrum or Zircosium as you can get tons from POIs and deconstructing items. I probably get about 10-30 furnaces, advanced constructors, forcefields and XL thrusters a day from just doing POIs on freelancer HQ for an hour or so and just deconstructing those gives me tons of parts and ingots. 1 Factory hack which takes 5 minutes is even more. I only mine gold and pentaxid as a result. Now, if you are a heavy PVP player the above may not be true and you may constantly be running out of Erestrum for ammo, but it seems even then people just buy ammo from a trader/ECC rather than making it.

Pentaxid, therefore, is actually a key resource that I would suggest moving only to PVP areas. I would give a generous supply in the first fa:supply or locker to help new players but after that everyone would need to go to dangerous places if they want to warp or charge their (newly expensive) shields.

Commodity trading may be another area to consider, but this is something I have only a little knowledge of. I can buy around 20 commodities from HWS Racom in ECC and sell them on homeworld for about a 20K per item profit (400,000). I have to hope no-one has filled up the trader on homeworld though or it is a wasted trip. I’ll also spend quite a while flying towards the homeworld planet. Alternatively, I can buy 20-30 things from HWS Racom and sell it on the planet below for around 10K profit per item (300K). I can also hit POIs on my homeworld and sell the light armour for 25K to the POL and heavy armour for 35K on ECC. It is highly likely that I am not doing commodity trading right, but selling basic loot can net me in my ignorance a comparable income in far less time, which is crucial (and no need to go to PVP). I am probably missing important links in how to do commodity trading properly, but having commodity trading more profitable, with HWS Racoms as publically visible admins with a CV exclusion zone to encourage running missions through a gauntlet of PVP player sharks lurking 1000M from it might work?

I like the excitement of going to the PVP playfields and I do visit quite regularly (and carefully) but I don’t need to go there except for gold (although weekdays I believe the PVPVE playfields have gold without risk as well).

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This is a great response, very detailed and thank you for that, the more feedback the better.

Your right in many ways, if your mostly a pve player and only once and a while go to pvp then somethings could change in order to increase your activity in pvp and for others. Rare resources should be in pvp and there is a vote on this subject if your interested,

However I can understand that if you raid POI’s you could get the items you need to keep going without much hassle, but raiding POI’s isn’t for everyone and they would rather mine.

I think Gold should be strictly PVP, and most of the main resources that make ammo should be in pvp. In this way it forces all players to go to pvp rather they fight poi’s or like to pvp. I think its a win win, you just need to be careful.

With a small OCD change, at least something similar on what is mentioned on this post could make that much easier. I think the most average players have ocd 5 and can amount to it, then advance players get 6 and 7, as for the rest its for the most active or skilled players. I think if we allow ocd 5 have a 24hr clock to deposit supplies, ocd 6 a 12hr clock and the rest can stay the same. I believe this will give everyone a reason to go to pvp for those resources.

I cant really reply on the commodity trading due to faction secretes, but if you as a pve player want to make money for whatever reason that is, I can tell you now, you can make an easy 2-4mil a day without any effort in pvp. Most good commodity traders can make up to 40 mil a day, which I tried myself to prove it right, but you have to compete with others. Anyways what does any of this have to do with this post, well its very simple, why do you need to go to pvp and why would you need access to your ocd there, well ammo for one, pentaxid, repair blocks, perhaps weapons and such, even if your only doing commodity runs or poi runs, its better to have that backup supplies if needed.

In the end if certain things were reduced in pve, resources, poi rewards etc and moved to pvp it will encourage game play in pvp but there has to be something that counteracts that like a 24hr cooldown for ocd 5 and so on as I mentioned. I cant see why pve players wouldn’t be happy as they can still choose to go there or not as they still have options, but the reward on the other hand is great. Maybe some pvp players wont like this, as a bunch have worked towards their ocd 7 and higher and have earned that right to withdraw or put in things to their ocd but they will have possibility of more players around to shoot at, win win

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Indeed the idea is to make PvP space more appealing. Some of this means making it easier for single players to get to grips with the things they can do with the universe and some things to make it worth their while/required to go to pvp.

Ammunition and pentaxid are the two key things that, if restricted, would be a stick to go there (and it would mean restricting the ability to buy ammo as well). I think there should be some carrots as well.

Sadly, everyone has differnt things they are used to and I imagine there are many fine lines in trying to keep as many people happy as possible.

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I would argue against making resources rare by moving them to pvp space. I know there are many players who do not enjoy pvp, and who just want to build and explore and do pve stuff. I see no sense in punishing those players by taking vital resources away and forcing them to go into pvp when they don’t want to. The only people that helps are the pirates who like to kill unprepared players.

Making pvp more attractive to pve players, by letting them store things in the OCD is great. Making pvp mandatory for pve players by moving resources, is bad. You can’t Force people to like pvp, and if you force them to visit pvp zones, you will get a lot of discontent.

Speaking personally, I do go to pvp space regularly both for mining and for fighting, but I would straight up quit this server if visiting pvp space became compulsory.

TLDR version: Choices are good, making some choices more appealing is fine, but forcing people by taking choices away is bad.

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There are other alternatives for getting rare resources if they do not want to risk PvP. I know for fact that running through the many POIs that PvE has to offer can net quite a bit of rare resources, not to mention the tons of asteroids in Phoenix that have every resource needed. So going into PvP is by no means mandatory for getting rare resources, including gold.

There should be another option than the one vote button. I vote no.

And oam.

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