HWS Pair of PvE Stargates

Stargates (or Portals) can be gathered by supporting us or buying proper HWS Garage ships (coming soon™).

If you bought the “Pair of PvE Stargates” you have to type the command


to receive your 2 Stargates.

Because only we (admins) can configure them, there are some guidelines about them:

  • The Stargate ONLY works from your Stargate ship to your Base or from a Base to Base. You CAN’T have a Stargate from your Base to your ship (SV/CV)!

  • Remember Stargates are for now ONLY accepted on permanent PvE playfields! If you ignore this note and place the Stargate on a Base on PvP, you lose it.

  • You can link your Stargate from / to your Supporter Planet / Space if you have one.

  • You can’t have Stargate bases on ECC, ECC Space, CSW or the Starter systems!

  • Everyone can use your Stargate! I can only limit what Origin players can use it. For example only Pirates can use it. Federation and Freelancer would see a Red Stargate.

  • Contact @RexXxuS if you are ready with your Stargate base, so he can set the destination. The process can only be done with full details such as

    • ID from -> ID to
    • Base Name from -> ID to
    • Stargate location marked on the Base
    • Screenshot + “di” console command turned on and look at the Stargate
      Use this perfect example template:
  • Once the link / Portal is set you CAN’T change the name or reposition the Portal in your Base - otherwise the Stargate won’t work anymore!

  • You can request a change of your Stargate destination max. once per week!