HWS Support Package Rework Final Part | Thanks to every single "permanent" Supporter!

Hi HWS Community,

as announced last week we implemented the big rework now - based on your Feedback!

Let me recap and especially explain some very important changes:

  • due your feedback, I decided to stick with a “Pair of PvE Stargates” Supporter Package. So you can only have Stargate Bases linked together in permanent PvE playfields. One of the main reasons Stargate Garage ships were removed was because PvP got indeed too convenient for a survival game two seasons ago. As soon as you got a Proximity Alarm, you teleported inside your Hangar and defend. It is of course very nice overall and well, in a futuristic game it should be not banned. Hence I plan to add real ingame credit sink Stargate Garage ships. 100-200m credit ships. If you lose them, it should hurt :stuck_out_tongue:

  • overall you have to remember one important thing now:

    • If the package says “Keep XX after full wipe” it means it is the old / permanent package
    • If the package says “Keep XX after season” it means it is the new / seasonal package. We had to use a different string to identify the change and keep the permanent Supporter in the database.
  • technically we have decided to implement a big incentive for permanent Supporters! That means that everyone who has a permanent Keep Credits Supporter package, get the credit stacked on top of the EB level AND the new seasonal Keep Credit package!

    • Example: You bought the permanent Keep 100m Credits package and have a EB level 10 (Keep 100m credits) and buy a seasonal Keep 400m Credits package, will keep you 600m credits after a full wipe!
  • because of that technical change we decided to delay the removal of the permanent Keep Credit packages until Friday 12th April 11PM! So if you want to get a +100m keep credit value on top of the other options, feel free to buy them :slight_smile:
    But no worry, my idea was to reactivate them every time we reach a “Year Celebration” :wink: So expect them to come temporary back on 1th March 2020.
    This is our way to thank the permanent Supporters! Without you all of that would not be possible!

  • Otherwise I reverted my plan of increasing some prices as announced last week. They stay the same for now.

Thanks once again for the feedback in the topic last week! Especially some ideas like from @Erdisk are very nice and will come very soon - giving you nice incentives to just feel even more Home - here on your Homeworld Server :slight_smile:

That being done, I’m excited to see the implementation of the upcoming Commodity Trader and Mission Dealer! I’m almost done.

Thanks for reading and have a good start in the week!

Your HWS Team

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Will we be able to use refund from “Kill RexXuS” event on them ;)?

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Due to the keep 100mil not remaining permanent and making it feel like a pay to win option to me I will never be purchasing the keep any credits packages. I was disappointed to see this.

It was also a shame to see the keep 5mil and 50mil options there when you can get a bank level to do those for you relatively cheap. The 200 and 300 mil was a better option for keeping over the limits of what the bank offered without having to jump straight to the most expensive 400mil package just to keep 150mil over your limit.

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so does that mean I still get it to keep my 100 million after the rework to the support packages?


yes if you bought it you will get it, even if its not offered anymore.

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