HWS Patch 4.0.3 - Faction update + planet tax update

Hey everyone,

a big thanks to Jascha we have now the next big patch for you prepared. I am very interested but let’s go

Trader Nerf

  • OCD Cooldown for Traders are on PvP planets 7 minutes now
  • You need your OCD to level 3 now to get the regular 7 RP (in addition with the warp per day)
  • You can only use your OCD as often as you have RP on PvP now.
    Example: if you have 7 RP you can ocd:get 7 times before it needs to cooldown again. If you have 21 RP you can use it 21 times per day.
    It gets refreshed every day at 9 AM (GMT+2) / 3 AM (EDT)

Thoughts about this change:

  • This was needed since a very long time or at least since 4.0 changed the meta to a more PvP game and so people were likely going aggressive as a Trader. They sort their storys out like “if I come near your base and it is shooting at me, it is obvious war!”. Well… yeah, sure. Well on the other side fighting about Deposits is legit for everyone. People who building important bases on deposits made something wrong maybe…
    HWS’ OCD is incredible strong and a feature which influence the game in so many ways. We like this and allowing to get / put adds more dynamic to the game. But of course it shouldn’t be abused like now here and there. 7 minutes should be enough for serious trader to deliver stuff to their customers just in time and move on (since you can chain
    the commands anyways)

  • OCD level 3 needed to get the overall RP was one of the more difficult change. This means in fact that you need 425000 credits to get your OCD to level 3. This means summed up that you need about 9 stacks of gold coins to get this (or about 9 stacks of Gold Ore). With the help of the Auto Miner and the current state that Gold Meteorites spawning on Gold Planet this is a kind of challenge but not impossible at all. It fits in general to the story you can read on the HWS Guide Slide 23.

  • Now if you have all this we want to encourage you to stick to the role of traders. Not dying stupid, consider wisely what you need from your OCD for you / your customers and have everyday motivation to get RP. So you have a kind of amount limit you can use ocd:get. The longer you play that role, the more experience / RP you get and be the most important contact person for others regarding supplys.

Pirate Boost

  • if you have 777 or more Gold Ingots in your inventory get 5 RP per day
  • if you have nothing in PvE get additionally 7 RP per day

Thoughts about this change:
Pirates were a bit below the other factions in terms of RP and overall living conditions. It is their nature to always live in risk but right now the effort was a bit too high so we found a way to encourage still the style of them with a reward in exchange.
777 Gold ingots is just the kick every pirate needs. Sitting on a treasure lot of gold. If you want to keep it - fight for it or hide it somewhere… your reward are 5 RP which stacks with the 7 RP if you take the risk in PvP. So in total 12 RP if you live the dream of Captain Jack Sparrow, I mean Gold Roger, I mean… what ever :wink: So soon you have enough RP together to live the rest of your day in PvE sunset…

What are about the other two factions?

Just in case you wonder… right now they are quite stable and settled in the current meta. But for both factions we also have plans for the next bigger faction update.

Planet Tax update #2

We are not finished yet but another important change was the issue about player who play not all the time but get charged like very active player. So the change is:

  • if you were not online in the last 24 hours the price of the whole formula for you is half now. Basically divide your total tax by 2 after 24 hours inactivity

As Jascha said we have now a nice list (and you too very soon in HWS Connect) which can be better analyzed and adjusted. Stay tuned.

We hope this will address the current drama about “faction abuse” a lot and pushes the story in the way we all want.
Any feedback is welcome as always! :slight_smile:

Your HWS Team


+1 Rex Good change

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+1 Rex.

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The math is wrong. 425k is 8.5 stacks of ore. 1 stack of coins == 1 stack of ore.

Awesome, Trader OCD being tied to RP makes a lot of sense.\

You need your OCD to level 3 now to get the regular 7 RP (in addition with the warp per day)

Does this mean if your CD is level 3 and you warp you don’t get 7 RP?

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You need 5 ore for 1 ingot which is 1 coin

ehm, sure. Only if you have your OCD to level 3 and warp one time you get 7 RP per day

Since when? It was always 1 ingot = 5 coins.

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Oh, you are right. Sorry. Correct it

Well crap - now what do I post about?

But seriously - good job.

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ok I get it now I need to do a lot of trading and be very rich to be able to live on the trader planet. I will DEAL with it lol

Great stuff! Thanks!

Would you please clarify about the gold for pirates? Do we need to have the ingots in our inventory at 9am?

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In your inventory yes and last chance is 9 AM (GMT+2) / 3AM (EDT) yes

I’m confused at what you mean by last chance? Is it if you have the gold in your inventory at any point in the day you get the extra 5 RP?

Good chages!

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Well we want to encourage you to always have it in your inventory but for now this is our technically “pay-day-trigger” :wink:

:stuck_out_tongue: Pirate confussed ? never , Keep that gold on you mate gives traders even more reason too kill :stuck_out_tongue:

You got me thinking about joining the pirates… Would just take some significant use for RP besides reducing the PvE tax, which I don’t think will be useful to most pirates anyway. Like, maybe, the amount of tickets you can buy in lottery depends on your RP. :wink:

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fa:scan at the cost of RP?

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Pirates being able to scan.

hnnnnnnnnnnngh want.

But I doubt we’ll see it.