HWS Patch - RP and Tax

Hello everyone,

after the messed up event yesterday and the overall problems I was really upset but Jascha enlighten me / us with a HWS Patch. Well for some of you maybe not :wink:

RP (Reputation Points)

As some of you complained and I also seeing it we changed the way how you get RP now. You don’t get it passive anymore.

  • Now you get RP every hour, as long as you were online and met the conditions
  • With that change it isn’t 7 RP anymore. Now it is 2 RP (and for pirate +1)
  • With this change the income of Hunters and Alliance got adjusted. It is now 100 * RP every hour (if you were online)

Please see here and the following slides for the changes:

Tax (Planet taxes)

As you might seen some faction planets are already full and nobody can live there anymore. It’s obviously because people don’t got the initial thought behind it and spammed a lot of structures there SVs, over SVs, HVs, over HVs etc.
So now it is: the more structures your faction has on this planet the more you have to pay for everything.

The additional tax you have to pay is:
30% per additional structure

Example: you have 5 structures in one faction on Trader Planet. This would mean you have to pay 30% taxes for every structure on top of its total cost. So 5 structures would cost you before 5k because you have a lot of RP. Now it would cost you 30% * 5 * 5000 = 7500 credits.

(I hope I made no mistake. @Jascha will verify it)

Again: these planets are meant to have only 1-2 structures on it. Everything else is in favor of the adventure, exploration and fun.
Every cry about too expensive or hardcore is in favor of your minecraft gamestyle or overall singleplayer attitude.
Try to think bigger, try to think Multiplayer ( = join a faction, play your role, have fun).

P.S.: I will adjust the faction supply packages regarding slot sizes as soon as I am later home again


Sound great! I allready can hear the “brzzzzt” of the Multi Tools :joy:
Oh and please take the bio fuel out of the trader package.

sound greats but without connection is …nice to know it XD

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Excellent Rex but i think you should limit the number of structures like before 1BA/1CV etc… + your new Tax etc…because some rich ppl will still be able to expand too much meanwhile new players won’t have a chance to build even a little outpost :confused: due to max planet cores :slight_smile:

But our current RP is not wiped right?

Yeah now when you enter your faction planet, just grind down your SV’s and spawn them again when you leave the planet.

But the new calculation does not take RP into account anymore? I hope that is a mistake. Because my taxes (which are now 1k) would be roughly: 0.333 * 500 devices * 1000 / 1 = 166650 credits for just having a SINGLE CV regardless of rep?

That would mean I can not even have a single ship on the faction planet…

CV´s arent supposed to be on the planet surface. They are “space” ships.
Thats why you have to pay more taxes.

I think this change is great for planets that people from many different factions are intended to live/build on. I think it might be a little harsh for donator planets though. I can easily afford the increase, and I am totally cool with the concept of taxes on the donator planets, but it would be nice to see a little leniency on those planets when it comes to changes that are intended to make it so everyone is still able to build on a planet. It would be great if there was a way to have this tax apply to structures on Faction homeworlds only, or anywhere else where moderation of structure count is required (with the old tax formula applying to things on donator planets).

Would appreciate it to have at least one affordable house on the planet or a safe place to build new ships. But even that is too expensive now. Everybody, lets go to the rotating planets now and let’s hide there. And I don’t see the point of RP anymore for some factions.

Also what happens if one person in the faction can not pay the credit cost? Or what if 1 troll puts down 3000 devices spread across 3 ships? Is everybody else in the faction then bankrupt over night?

No donator planets must be the same or again it will be ‘pay2win’.

Nooooo I can’t login the server is still down… I gotta grind down my ship before the tax hits me tomorrow for a few hundred thousand! I finally escaped the noob area and the wipes. Now I gotta pray the server lets me move my ship before tomorrow or I’m fucked.

So Parked CV’s count toward our tax rate?

Who knows? Maybe you should sort out your faction if your members do stuff like this?!
I got one base on a planet, my CV stays all the time in space when i am there. And i can pay my taxes, so i dont care.

CV´s, HV´s, SV´s, Bases. All of them.

OH mY GoD wHy, if we have to use this new system, how about we remove the 1k taxes minimum per structure?

To get your money.

Like Rex said those planets are meant to have 1-2 structures per faction, but as always ppl don’t care that’s why it’s better if Jascha/Rex put a max limit like in the previous universe.

If i was an ■■■■■■■ i could have built 170 structures on hunter planet all this time and pay that only with the bank interest :smiley: come on multiplayer rules ^^

Oh also the tax foprmula is no longer divided by amount of faction members. And I calculated wrong…

Say 20 faction members together have 1 CV with 500 devices on the planet. Total cost for each member will be:
0.333 * 1 * 500 * 1 = 166.5 credits… lol what?

I suppose the structure cost is devices x 1000? In that case:

0.333 * 1 * 500 * 1000 * 1 = 166500 credits per member. And 166500 x 20 members = 3.3 million per day for total for the entire faction combined for just 1 CV? This can not be right either.

But if the above is not for each faction member, then the solo factions are doomed and forced to either leave or team up because they can’t even afford a single SV anymore.

So assuming the formula Rex posted is wrong and we divide by faction members it would now be:
0.333 * 1 * 500 * 1000 * 1 / 20 = 8325 credits per member. Now this is doable.

Suppose a faction member accidentally leaves an SV on the planet on top of the CV with 100 devices and interpreting the formula in best case scenario:
0.666 * 2 * 600 * 1000 * 2 / 20 = 79920 credits per day… WOW what? And yes this will happen. In worst case scenario it will go into the 8 figures.

Can you please clarify the formula better?
Also the new guide is vague for hunter: “Get 2 RP per hour if not died”. Not died when? Not died in the last hour? And hunters are still encouraged to go full pve due to the “don’t die for 24 hours”… And traders are still the best pvp faction…

Gonna make an afk macro now to farm rep. rep is still good for hunter if you stay 100% pve.

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quote=“TinyDewDrop, post:17, topic:1956”]
Also the new guide is vague for hunter: “Get 2 RP per hour if not died”. Not died when? Not died in the last hour?

I guess you got it right ^^

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Also if 2 people forget an SV on a faction planet, the total cost goes up to 3.6 million (best case scenario) per day. Worst case: 72 million.

So god forbid it you ever lose 2 SV on the planet or get kicked or server goes down and you got 3 ships on the planet because everybody in your faction will be bankrupt over night.

No thanks I won’t join any factions ever with those risks in mind. Though I probably won’t anyway due to reset of rp.


You keep counting DEVICES. They are NOT in the formula.

This is an ADDITIONAL tax. It is NOT a replacement.

Again: (30% * structure amount) per structures cost * structure amount

.3 * NUMBER of Structures* COST of structure * NUMBER of structures.

The whole goal is to force people to NOT build 30 bases and NOT dump 30 CVs on planets.

If you have 1 base your ‘additional’ tax is peanuts.

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