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Using over class CV on planet is no different then you and/or your allies using the over class limit CV in blackhole space to remove class 1 bases. :cowboy_hat_face:

HWS Police - Report a crime

Dear HWS Community,

After exactly 343 days I draw the line here and stop the HWS Police services regarding Crime Reports.

The Homeworld Police (HWP) was only barely involved in PvP drama and if they were, I got tons of PMs anyways.
So the whole burden of these Police Crime reports were again lifted on my shoulders.
Neither is the insane amount of time I invested for them paid nor was it in certain situations even helpful (either I got no response at all for my time invested or even more hate from players).

Being a judge, no matter in which situation makes you often the offender automatically.
I don’t want this drama on top of the general bug / glitch / chat drama.
It’s too much and again, for what actually.
Creating content (PDA + Events) recently made me realize once more where the strength can be, instead of dealing with another drama honey pot, I have to babysit.

That being sad, we still have the free Support Tickets out there and I guess nobody realized by now that 4896 tickets got solved in the last 3 years without requesting any money for it but still with response times often under a classical Call Center even.
We do this because we care about the game and you, the community. We have no scam system like other servers out there, which prioritize “Donators”.

Overall it doesn’t change though that breaking rules are handled in the support tickets with proofs.
The focus however are bugs and people who are just in need.
If tickets are created just because some like drama, they might get rejected or dealt with in a different manner.

That way @Jascha and I can concentrate on improving Empyrion — it really is the demand for that.

The HWP faction ingame stays but also concentrate more in helping stuck / new players as the “good cops”.

I hope you understand and overall: just be the police in your own mind :slight_smile:


P.S.: Nobody is to blame about my decision! I had planned it for a long time now and the 1st February seemed nice to announce.
Overall I’m unhappy with my own massive rules and limits and restrictions and and.
Or to just sum it up after some burn outs:
“Man wird nicht jünger” :slight_smile:

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