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oh… You’re not joking?

In that case, I have to say I’m still laughing heartily at the idea of you, @Paxxo1985, commenting on honour whilst defending those who can’t help but cheat given the opportunity. You know, those guys who can’t help but glitch walls when doors are left open, find dupe exploits and abuse them, shoot up ships they know to be ghost ships but do it any way, tackle CVs with SVs, abuse factions to get around faction limits, etc, etc, etc… The list is long and you jumped in with them.

You honestly can’t see the stupidity in your argument and that shocks me, as I’ve a great deal of respect for you as a combat pilot - ok, I can fly rings around you, but I’ve learnt a lot from you as well. Don’t spoil it by blindly defending the indefensible: your alliance cheats whenever the opportunity is available. That is, quite literally, the exact opposite of ‘honour’ - so don’t even mention that word again til you’ve shown an understanding for it.


And where has the love gone?

This is why I am on a break, I got 8 females in one house, added drama right now is not working out for me.

And FYI I am the only one awesome enough to get the troll tag, the rest of you are just hatin’.


is this really the thread to use for this crap :wink:


This topic is meant for discussing about Police Reports. Not about your personal dramas.

Use Personal Messages with the proper player. Nobody wants to read your drama conflict here.

Any time I read stuff like this in the future I might slip on the delete button. It takes less time for me to delete than for you to write, trust me.
Spare your toxicity and time!


i should in police forum
am i right here?


hey, if its regarding eu server, its restarting now, many issues


i know^^
i am at alliance starter
no planets etc
i should be @freelancer hq


many playfields have crashed, we’re rebooting the server to see if it fixes it, hwp will pick ppl up and take them to their homes, plz hang on


“…to have 3 factions like yours at the server. You help a lot, but also, you complain most about nothing.”

I would like to know exactly who you are referring too here. If you are casting us in the same pickle barrel as those who started this latest chain of conversation — we have a major problem.

Please PM me in discord and explain. If I don’t hear from you, I will take that as the answer and take it into consideration in my next course of action.


I was falsely accused of the above actions. I was not applying that PJAMS was retarded just that I could not find a retarded picture to describe the screen name I was using. As for the implications that I made fun of his family or his disability that was also a false claim. Those action never came from my mouth. I feel that this individual constantly files reports and wastes the admins time, to find out that anything that is placed in police reports is in his favor. I would like a recall for the actions of placing me guilty for a crime that was falsely placed by PJAMS and convicted by the admin without further investigation.

HWS Police - Report a crime

Are you saying that “Pjams alt” is not you? That it is a fake account from Pjams?


exact definition of “Impersonation”

You can check chat logs and see I was not pretending to be PJAMS. So accusation were falsely implicated as well as a investigation that was not applied. Instead a word of the person who filed the report wass accepted as 100% true!


I don’t fight or judge about definitions. I judge by actions.
And impersonation starts for me with grabbing his name (and trash talk - which was done), ruining the players reputation by doing that.
Matter closed.

If you keep this name and proceed with this “impersonation” the next punishment will be harder.
See it as warning.


Every single rule doesn’t have to be spelled out, but since you quoted it,

“or other abuses created with them.”

That last little bit covers everything not spelled out.


Ouch! Well thanks for the server to play on… Don’t want 2 b wasting time of yours so close to wipe. I will still play and not send u useless things as such… But for the record I didn’t make a move till they trapped me in there CV. Video available but no worries… Hope to enjoy the next big wipe… When ever that is. lol As for them being new. I offer my help 2 all. :slight_smile: Enjoy yall’s weekend.


HWS Police - Report a crime

@RexXxuS Thank you for clarifying the reasoning for the visual glitch to my reported Possible Illegal Ship Build. I thought it to be strange a TAW member would be fighting or even flying an illegal ship. Glad I was wrong and again thank you for looking into it for me, I know your time is limited.



It should be mentioned that ETS could have simply pinged a TAW member on HWS discord and asked. We would have told you all our designs are vetted by rexxxus if they contain something we’re not certain of.

Please be more trusting :slight_smile:


they are not Floating… they are on Blocks and wings ! the wing self if he is 1cm big he got 1block so the guns are attached to the wings … and other bricks what are not full blocks

HWS Police - Report a crime

The bug/exploit with ships not being shot at by turrets while public was fixed in 9.1 ? You can see your turrets firing at his SV still just poor gun placement/design on your CV


pm’d full video