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I agree it was said cv’s used in an attack is fair game as its resources for resources. ”not so sure about the oversized bit though”
Maybe this needs clarifying?


Hi Kittiez,
Nice to meet you.
It’s not the use of a cv that’s the point it’s the use of an oversized cv that needs clarification.

From what I understand the countdown timer was to give a respectable amount of time to leave the play field when dropping off hv’s ect, this became obsolete with the allowance of “now 150” block cv’s to the planet surface.

I’m not against the use of a sponge, quite to opposite “there a clever tool in the assault on a well organised base”
Perhaps a simply clarification on what size is acceptable would stop this whole cv sponge talk dragging on.


Relog ? In the middle of an enemy base? Are you kidding me?

Yes I used an oversized cv as this is the only way to attack a 10 base cluster fuck of bases. I gained entry, shot two doors out went around a corner shot another door out and there was a block there. Heard footsteps turned around and backed up into the block which I then became stuck inside. They had a door on each side of that particular block. they were able to pass through it , I couldn’t. In the video you can clearly see him using his repair tool to fix the block as he shoots through.


Just another one of there exploits. The blocks where added from a secondary base then removed


Just another reminder, those were combat steel blocks not armored concrete. Our bases are made from armored concrete. It doesn’t make sense to use a block with less hitpoints in pvp. Also all of our bases are at angles to each other. Those blocks are straight on like your CV was while render clipping our base which is an exploit in itself.

Reaper should get in and respond on his behalf too but that is up to him. I talked to him and he said he noticed the Combat steel the first time and attributed it to a glitch so he logged out and logged back in. When he logged back in the blocks were gone and that’s when he started shooting you.

I saw you keep spawning back in the game a few times so I put up more doors to trap you in that corridor. There were a few others that were watching too.


So he was glitched inside the CV that makes more sense if true.


This managed to devolve itself rather quickly.


Its all good, we’ll chalk it off as an Empyrion glitch. Had I relogged and maybe it would have cleared up. You have to admit at first glance it looks suspicious. Just to clarify my cv never dipped into the building. I parked it right in front of a door and was able to shoot the door with my plasma cannon standing inside my ship. However I guess if we look back at the LBP days when we thought they were placing blocks on their ships during cv combat while the ships were moving and again it was Empyrion just glitching the hell out.


Sometimes after those drops we’ll see ships flying around with other ships on them but once we log back in they look normal. It’s definitely a very strange glitch for sure.



Can you give us the timestamps on the tackling? From what I see you give good attempts to tackle the asteroids at every turn but I don’t see the enemy SV ever touch you let alone tackle you. There is one instance it was close where they were below you and you got trapped under an asteroid going up and backwards and had to change direction and go down and forward. If this is where you are talking about that is on you mate. You are going backward and up, they forward and up and you reverse direction and go toward them in both the forward and down motion because you trapped yourself under a large asteroid.


I wasnt flying ANY of the asteroids you rammed! (nice flying)

I deny any ramming, and in fact the video seems to support this.

(there was a single instance in which he whipped me with the nose of his ship while I was under it but I didnt consider it a ram on either parties part and the impact lasted less than 2 seconds, this instance is not even on the video but I mention it as it is related)


1 on the video can clearly see the distance of my camera to the resin of 150 m (1:01) - this is just the distance to the bottom of my ship.
2 from collisions with asteroids I do not have any lags and crash. For about a week ago another person from the GPL faction rammed me and there was such a crash of the game
3 My friends repeated the actions on the test server - there also with the ram SV and CV - the same crash happened 1:40 https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=7&v=bjdV7xo1KAw
4 I think you are using this “tactic” (or, more accurately, a “bug”), not for the first time.

Here is an example of what happens when a crash occurs 14:33 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDS1e94mFzk

  1. All I see is you reversing your backward/upward direction and going forward/down toward the enemy who had been going forward/upward following you. You cause any touching in that instance which I see as the only instance the two ships might have touched. You caused this cause you hit an asteroid due to bad piloting.

  2. GPL and ABN have zero to do with each other. Not ally, don’t talk to each other.

  3. So you are showing us how you ram your CV into SVs to claim ramming? That’s again caused by you.

  4. At 14:33 you ram a ABN ship that isn’t moving and has nobody piloting it. Its actually a dead husk we just cored. You ram another CV and then claim its a ram by ABN??? Who rammed you??? There was no pilot, it had no thrusters… How can an immobile object that has nobody in it ram you?

All I see in this video is you going towards people and being involved in the collision so you can call ramming. All I see in your other video is you rammed am immobile husk of a ship we had just cored.

So you collide with SVs and you disconnect. That’s on you mate. There isn’t some magic switch that is flipped in SVs that makes people disconnect…


how much negative. it does not matter how someone flies the essence of the fact that in the collision of two ships can be disconnected. you write too much and you can not really say anything just that you did not like something. If you so want to fly on EU and I’ll make you disconnect this way


I do not play this game for the first time, and when colliding with an asteroid there are no lags and crashes. But when two ships collide, it always happens.

GPL is an example from the EU server

at 14:33, then EXAMPLE - what happens when two ships collide. The same thing happened when the ram of your SV and my CV. By the time I turned on the record after the second of your ram.

And do not pretend that you do not know about ram bugs.


Can ya not bring your drama to the NA server… Plenty of threads where the two EU groups make wild accusations of nothing about a Alpha game.

I never said colliding with asteroid causes lag or crashing. I said your a bad pilot and kept hitting them which then forced you to move toward the two ships following you. You changed directions because you are a bad pilot and you cause any unintentional or intentional touching.

Seriously though take your “Oh I lost so ill report about fake abusing of bugs instead of taking responsibility for my own actions.” back to the EU server where ya get seem to get off on this kinda BS…

@RexXxuS can you handle this… video shows he caused the single point of contact and all his other videos have no relevance except to show he rammed a immobile unpiloted ship and he and his buddy practice bugs so they can recreate them easily.


you want test on EU?


i rammed you, and you have disconnect


You clearly aren’t understanding anything I have typed. I will chalk it up to English not being your first language and loss in translation.

The fact that you want someone to come to the EU server so you can recreate a bug on another player shows you have no sense of this conversation.


I’m not interested in the you shit you’re carrying. I said you want a test? yes or no?