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@RexXxuS you want to weigh in on this guy asking me to come so he can do things against the rules to me?

@Darkside I am not going to intentionally recreate bugs on this server which is against the rules. You’ve clearly stated three times you want to. We don’t need people who admit to recreating bugs against other players.


Are you really that stupid? I wrote this will be a test. you are sitting on the forum, you are crucified here and try to prove something. I’ll say more I can do that I wrote above.


The video shows all the proof that is needed. I don’t know how they put up with you on the EU server. I thought we had it bad on the NA server.


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so this is one of the biggest, most serious issues in Empyrion PvP! No need to trash talk, insult or worse here!
We have to work together now to fix it as fast as possible now!
It basically ruins and kills any PvP in Empyrion with a blink of an eye!

Ramming can even crash players to desktop. While maybe not actively known by the SV pilot this is a complete different scale for any loss.

This means

  1. Eleon is heavily notified to fix it
  2. Edit: after a long Skype meeting Dev is full aware of it and tries to integrate a fix for 8.3. NOT 100% though. Furthermore PvP is going to get a big focus for Alpha 9, but can’t say more
  3. We can’t know of course if someone is doing it intentionally or not for now but IF we get a video from such fights there will be no discussion at all and ships which got lost during this crash will be replaced


There was no ramming here, this Char fellow crashed to desktop.

Last time we fought him he flew backwards the entire time for 45 minutes, once we had gotten his ship wrecked he parked, re-placed his warp core, and jumped away.

So, I continued to attack his ship even though he disconnected, which made him mad and prompted him to post a report and claim that I rammed him, which did not occur.


Re: possible 9.0 pvp focus.

If serious – devs s/b in game now, on hws, playing pvp anonymously to gain insight 1st hand on shortcomings and what’s needed.

Granted, you pass things to them ---- but, there is nothing like playing it for themselves and experiencing it.

Otherwise, what’s done is an educated guess. Sure to dissapoint.


To lie is not necessary. The battle was about 10-15 minutes, during that time you crashed into me 3 times, I had 3 crash games (2 times “rainbow” and 1 time the release on the desktop). I always keep distance from the enemy 400+ meters to avoid the battering ram , You’re not keeping the distance constantly flying on me in an attempt to crash and build up in my ship, so I have a message “I do not have a docked ship on board, flight is impossible.”
The core for 3 of my re-entry into the game you have not once been knocked out.


Your Crime ticket is already resolved @CHAR

make sure to show it next time properly.
During the rainbow crash I didn’t see any of this messages or enemy ships and in general in your video I did not see any ramming.

Make also sure to read the rule once again

Until then stop posting insults or drama. Everyone.
There are more important things to do to improve Empyrion.


That it funny. CHAR, you got me in the most exactly situation. And even published a video on youtube of how you attacked and disassembled my ship after I was crashed to desktop and while I was out of the game.
I hope you liked this feeling.


If they can fix the ramming issue that would be great. After last night all our members are running video capture software so we can turn in those who are knowingly using this now well known glitch to DC our players and stealing/killing our ships. I pray the DEV’s pay close attention to this needed fix and possibly make it a hot fix for the current version running. On another note we may have found out the land claim devices are causing a screen lag issue like the pikes and holes dug into the ground. One of our faction members found this possible issue and is going to turn a ticket report in for you RexXxuS. Anyway I really hope this gets fixed quickly.


This season has had so many issues that honestly I don’t feel like playing. And these aren’t HWS issues, this is the shitstorm laid down by Eleon.

On a side note, what the hell happened to quality control?? Is testing optional?


For some reason that video link @Tripwire ain’t working.
Sv is in the warp in for Titan and is surely to snag CVs

Coordinates: -108, -1051, 12411
Ship Name: PreFab TI

HWS Police - Report a crime

@Calo @Tripwire I don’t understand your report here

What is illegale? Using SVs as Radar decoy? As trigger spots?


Look at the video Rex go see the ship you will understand. That’s what i call abusing gamebugs to it’s fullest


Oh I see, checked it out ingame (which ruined my workflow for the new EWS system :expressionless: )
Anyways, this is a silly creative attempt in breaking our rules. Punishment listed in the Crime Report.


Hello @Tripwire. Regarding this video there is only one moment of ‘ramming.’ Which is in the first 2 seconds. Yet for the rest of it that SV is doing something called Interdiction, or more commonly known in the US as ‘Interception.’

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnI9S1a1Vc8&feature=youtu.be

Summary: 2 seconds in-Tackle/ram.
Some weird shit goes down at 1:10, classic server lag. I’ve had that before. SV thinks HV is further away so moves to interdiction spot in an attempt to force HV to decelerate and change direction but thanks to lag the HV is closer than SV thinks and they phase through eachother, creating a temporary situation where both are stationairy.
1:16: At first it looked like an honest to God tackle, but from the SV pilots perspective i imagine the HV wasn’t even there yet.
1:23 Another honest attempt at predicting HVs path and sititng there, preventing the same velocity.
1:25: Another attempted interdiction. Once again server lag probably rendering HV and SV further apart.

The idea being you are preventing the enemy from escaping by guessing their path of exit. The big difference between interdiction and tackling is that in tackling YOU are the one making physical contact with the enemy ship. Whereas in Interdiction one simply tries to predict the path of the hover and land there, forcing it to slow down and change direction or it will inevtiably end up hitting the ship that has been parked there.

Whether or not this should be legal/illegal i leave to Rexxus. But in this case i think the only real tackle was the first 2 seconds. The rest were attempts to intercept the HV’s path before it reached the said path. Therefore no tackling there.

I’m not police/admin/mod but i am an experienced EU pvper and i can tell you that some things ya just gotta let go. And save your but most importantly the admins time for the big repeat cases of tackling like we had when we lost about six allied CVs to repeat tackles.

Otherwise it just takes away from the next season.

IT’s also very important to remember that where you see your HV is not where the enemy see the HV due to rendering and lag reasons. So for that SV your HV is probably where it was for you a couple of seconds ago, but then upon contact/collision the server is forced to update leading to some very intriguing outcomes. Hence why you see the SV sort of lamely fly in the path of the HV only to be suddenly surprised when the HV is literally right on top of it within half a second.

Best regards


I drove that SV and you are mistaken about my actions. I was not attempting to ram or tackle. I was flying behind them and stopping. They however did ram into me several times. The enemy HV backed into me after I was stationary each time. The video clearly shows that I was stopping behind him. There may be some lag issues, but there was no pinning, nor holding down. Only breaking and herding by myself as I was stopping behind him.

HWS Police - Report a crime

That looks like ramming to me. Why is that sv that is supposed to be flying in the air above ground stopping on the ground right behind the hv and ramming? Does anyone else notice the extended arms grabbing design on that sv? Awkward.


And i was set to guilty for touching someone lol roll of the dice justice.