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Server EU
06.01.2019 22:20-22:50

Idk what this is but looks not more legit !
Everytime i shoot i get playfield errors … they laughting and mean “bla bla issues player from my side” but its enough of this … first he can sg away with 4 players around now this … pls check it out whats going on … thanks


Server: EU

Type of Offence Committed: Геркулес was on Golden globe blatantly flying and shooting through the ground/terrain of GG

Time/Date of offence: approx 04:00

Player/Faction accused: [OPG] Геркулес

Player Faction reporting: [abn] (ETS) Calo

What happened? We were on GG removing enemy bases from planet; Геркулес was going under the terrain, shooting/flying through the ground.
He seemed to have zero issues going through the ground all over planet.

Why did it happen? No sure how he was doing it in certain places but seemed as if he could go in and out of the ground where we could not.

Evidence: https://youtu.be/3Ung4wOJ1lo
The outcome: We all know that the terrain rendering in Empyrion is one of the most buggy thing a game can have. And everyone experienced it itself I think. The chunks are just missing and you can fly freely around.
However doing this in a PvP situations with enemies around you or worse capturing a base that way is an instant punishment. You as pilot know exactly something is wrong. The fix is to either relog or clear your local texture cache.
Abusing it in PvE or PvP is against our rules.
Геркулес is banned for 24 hours as a first and final warning.


Server : NA

Type of Offence Committed: Possible Illegal Ship Build

Time/Date of offence: ~00:30 1/17/2019

Player/Faction accused : ROP (TAW)

Player Faction reporting: Tripwire (ETS)

What happened? While fighting TAW on GG this evening I saw three ships just like this one with the floating weapons on them. I can upload video of the other two if needed. However, I believe it is against the rules to have floating blocks and they were not shot off this SV that I could tell since it looked just like the other two I saw earlier in the fight. Again I can submit video of them too.

Why did it happen? Illegal build? I really dont know why they would do this I was really surprised since they are TAW members

Evidence: https://youtu.be/1Nyco41h6X0 Starting around 00:00:04 you will see the DI information on the ship.

The outcome: I restored that ship design from the backups and checked it out.

That however was the case.
Here is how it looks like undamaged

The initial rule that everything should be connected was met. Nothing illegal.
But we can’t track / know when certain blocks / wings are shot down by whom at what time.
Once ships have structural integrity that would be a poor design but for now “legit”. Can be in combat tricky though if you don’t have turrets which shoot auto at guns. Maybe I have to increase the hitpoints of wings in the HWS Config…

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[quote=“RexXxuS, post:1, topic:1987”]
Server : NA

Type of Offence Committed: exploiting
Time/Date of offence: 1/22/19 3:30 PM ? EST

Player/Faction accused : Rezzy Beans xxX

Player Faction reporting: Pjams

What happened?
Turret targeting


Outcome: It’s tricky. First of all I tried for some time today to reproduce this on my local dedicated server without success. I don’t know how @rezzybeans was able to do this.
Second, concerning ramming, it was not that intentional and falls not under our detailed tackle rule.
But an unintentional game mechanic got used for personal advantage - rule 1.
He has the guilty flag ingame now as first warning. If you know how to reproduce that @rezzybeans I expect a PM with a step by step guide please!


Server : NA

Type of Offence Committed: Lag Engineering, Intentionally overlimit ship

Time/Date of offence: Probably around 6AM server time 1 Feb

Player/Faction accused : xXx/Rezzy Beans (Maybe double check the owner as it was quite laggy)

Player Faction reporting: TAW/imtimex

What happened? A CV was brought in to enclose one of the bases we dropped, interesting tactic, however, the ship appears to be engineered specifically to create lag, and was overclassed for the system, this ship was definitley way above the 150 block CV limit. This ship caused jittering type lag in the playfield, soft lockups of ~15 seconds, and even some players to disconnect from the game completely.

Ship ID is 15616187 ‘This is only a test’

Why did it happen? I don’t know, but PvP is a chore if I have to post one or more of these for every fight.

Evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrVHLzxKEFw&feature=youtu.be

The outcome: Investing again a lot of time for that, I restored it from the backup and checked and couldn’t see excessive lag engineering. Just common PvP tactics regarding damage absorption (check the new PvP Guide here to learn about it: SV Design)

The idea beside of sponging with a Class 5 ship (which is legit because Jascha can’t code his tool in a better way to kick such ships faster out), was to cover the turret base.
Again I assume the big lag in the video was caused by all the Colliders which needed to be updated and it was a massive battle of course.
Overall that is the limit of Empyrion PvP. I don’t see negative intentions were done here, because it would effect everyone on that playfield (if logs are right, Rezzy disconnected himself often). Since everyone can do stuff like this it’s not something we can police of.
I hope Alpha 10 gives us better colliders…

If this happens too often and for too many players, I will maybe bring back the restriction to now let CVs on planets again :frowning:
Maybe a Supergate from one PvP planet to another to bring in HVs!? :thinking:

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