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Server : (NA)

Type of Offence Committed: (Grieving)

Time/Date of offence: (Roughly/10/21/18 ofc accurate1am EST)

Player/Faction accused : (TCB)

Player Faction reporting: (PSY/Psythe)

What happened? (TCB and maybe other factions put 4 CV’s to entirely blockade my hangar doors on my Bunker on Juniper planet. The planet turned PvE today and I believe these actions are sabotage and straight up cruel. I may be their enemy but they have gone 2 far.)

Why did it happen? (I’ve been fighting TCB and there alliance on GG for a week and now they are mad at me.)

Evidence: (


The outcome: Destroyed the grief structures. I know why Tripwire did that but nobody should go out and play justice by himself - especially breaking with that other rules. Griefing during PvE is not ok at all, no matter what. That is not how HWS works. As a one time “warning” he is guilty now. There won’t be a next time hopefully.

HWS Police - General Discussion

Server : (EU/)

Type of Offence Committed: (killed in pve)

Time/Date of offence: (03.11 time 00-20)

Player/Faction accused : (BRD roboo)
Player Faction reporting: (OPG Nas Svet)

What happened? (I was killed by a roboо while I was at a trader in black market on a freelancer.the backpack was taken by him.there were many valuable things in it.)

Why did it happen? (I took the trader and walked away, came back and the character is already dead)

Evidence: (no)

Outcome: Evidence: (no). No Evidence, no crime. As long as it’s not in the starter system, taking backpacks is legal.


What happened? I attacked their base on HW and killed 2 of them before I died and home spawned and like usual they are harassing me but to higher extents.

Why did it happen? I am trying to raid there bases and fighting them so they are mad.


Server : NA

Type of Offence Committed: Offensive Language

Time/Date of offence: 11/3 12:05am

Player/Faction accused : Vcross “I think hes in TAW”

Player Faction reporting: PSY

The outcome: @VCross got a warning with this. I don’t know all the details but I know, there are mostly 2 participants in such discussions. Keep the salt level low please. The bugs are already disturbing enough.


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Server : NA

Type of Offence Committed: Offensive/Abusive Language

Time/Date of offence: November 3rd - 19:20

Player/Faction accused : Kib - PrezCamacho
Player Faction reporting: ACP - Ranzeth

What happened? Prez has been making many jokes about sleeping with my mother, as well as filling chat with offensive language against other players in the past. I asked him a week ago to stop, but he continues to do so.

Why did it happen? I must have hurt his feelings in a past season.


Outcome: We are at that moment of a season already? @Doppler aka Prez aka Upgrayedd impersonation poser: you have 1200+ playhours on HWS and really only looking for confrontation? The last 7 day ban didn’t wonder you why? Did not contact me? This 7 day ban now is the absolute last chance to get “clean” again. If it doesn’t help, get help somewhere else.


Server : NA

Type of Offence Committed: Offensive language and offensive ship

Time/Date of offence: 11/3/2018 09:57 EST

Player/Faction accused :Kib faction: player name : Prez Commancho

Player Faction reporting: Mag Faction : Player name : Pjams

What happened? in a nutshell he owed me money ingame so i would try to ask for it when he was on, eventually he made an antisemitic joke, im not even religious, but thats no way to speak to anyone. He, aswell as owns a cv which looks like a uhh… well i have video and screenshots…

Why did it happen? (Did you do anything to cause? Are you totally innocent?)

Evidence: (antisemite https://www youtube com /watch?v=BYfHQ-EOgXc
The outcome: Oh, didn’t read this before I answered above. It’s a stacking system. @Doppler let’s add better +7 days to total of 14 days ban. Just to make sure.
Edit: checking more logs I also had to reset your player mate. We have no tolerance for such behavior.
So please respect our rules, if you start over from zero again in 14 days.


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Post a crime with evidence here. We will check it neutral then. Everything else gets this reminder again:


Server : NA

Type of Offence Committed: Offensive Language and Harassment

Time/Date of offence: 11/4/2018 at about 11:30 AM EST

Player/Faction accused : Fil , Flazz

Player Faction reporting: Mag , Pjams

What happened? Not exactly sure the context but flazz was upset about being raided is what i gathered.

Why did it happen? He lost a base in pvp

Evidence: https://youtu.be/2YKYjTtuoaI

The outcome: Do yourself a favor and press B and click on the Mute icon. Bugs are annoying enough to deal with. I don’t want to waste my time with mouth baby sitting. Flazz is banned for 1 day to learn more friendly words.


Server : EU

Type of Offence Committed: Crass harrasment of another player

Time/Date of offence: 11-12 pm EST

Player/Faction accused : [U-P] Standing No2

Player Faction reporting: [GCG] Cabose & [GCG] Astro

What happened? He used harsh language against me

Why did it happen? We were having a conversation in chat and he insulted me.

Evidence: (Screens/Video/logs) https://i.gyazo.com/ff946516017788bdc135e22ab7de4301.png

The outcome: Why you waste my time? Is this your way to answer that you cheated in another game which is really the worst? I have no respect for cheaters either, no matter what game. But I will warn Standing - you can express this in a better way.

Astro (18:04)
suck me good and hard throguh my jorts
Astro (18:04)
I haven’t been here you lemon scented fucktard
Astro (18:13)
suck me good and hard through my jorts, standing


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Server : (NA)

Type of Offence Committed: (Exploit?)

Time/Date of offence: (11/22/2018)

Player/Faction accused : (OP4 Chief Engineer)

Player Faction reporting: (ABN Sir Vivor)

What happened? Rocket bug exploit

Why did it happen? (Hes bad at pvp and trying to find a way to win!)

Evidence: https://youtu.be/Gmoeu-tgyvg fast forward to about 2 mins

The outcome: It got some time ago reported already and after some investigations it seemed that it’s a random glitch (only available for dumb rockets!?). It’s not something someone can trigger like a lever afaik.
Instead of toxicity please try next time to investigate together how this is done and how this can be reproduced. Thanks.


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Server : NA
Type of Offence Committed: Exploit

Time/Date of offence: 11/26 around 18:37

Player/Faction accused : 420_Space_Ranger ABN faction

Player Faction reporting: Pjams Mag Faction

What happened? i only trusted Ranger of the whole faction, he said he had items for me as wed usually do, went to meet at ecc hawking station, then video shows rest.

Why did it happen? Salty boys are Salty.

Evidence: https://youtu.be/I2pe2n0p6jU

The outcome: Thanks for the ticket and video. I discussed and thought about it and it is not an exploit > not against our rules. It’s a fully intended game feature by Eleon. Before they implemented it I warned them already about some “interesting” situations but they were fine with it. He also didn’t loot the backpack. Guess he was interested in my decision.

But no matter how bitchy this gameplay from this ABN player was, you can never trust others. 3 things to keep in mind for the next time:

  1. play with sound and hear if a motion sensor triggers
  2. equip your Multitool and scan the blocks before you walk somewhere
  3. Never trust “gifts” labeled with “Salt delivery”.

Overall this seems like precedent. If this makes school, we have to keep an eye on it more closely. For example that kind of stuff in the EGS HQ center. That would be a ban for example.
I will think about such things and how to prevent another “admin babysitting” job.


Server NA
Type of Offence Committed: Blatant harrassment.
Time/Date of offence: Dec 2 19:31

Player/Faction accused : Redneck (Pjams Alt"

Player Faction reporting: Mag - Pjams
What happened? I log in, normally before ABN id say “Rise up Gamers!” just as my own little thing i do. come log in today and a ABN member not only changed his name to be like me but waited till i was online to say exactly what i would, "Rise up Gamers.then he said what i am about to put as a picture of him saying i have a mental Disorder i.e “Retarded”

EDIT : i realize i can just mute them. but i would really prefer not having to mute 6 people everytime i log in or they log in.

Why did it happen? At this point, theyre so upset about one player i’ve been holding back making a report. but since ive seen no one else get harassed this often and this personally, i had to. Theyve made comments about my Arm which is partly Disabled, Made fun of my Mother father and family aswell as myself personally.


The outcome: I got mixed reports and don’t know what is actual true or not. In any way saying “retarded” for no reason and impersonating is against our rules. “Pjams alt” aka @ShortFuse get a warning with Guilty for now. Hopefully not more next time.


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Server : NA

Type of Offence Committed: Grieving, Exploiting

Time/Date of offence: 12/14/2018 0630 Server Time

Player/Faction accused : 420Inc_Space Ranger/ABN

What happened? Using explosive blocks to kill players in PVE and admitting to knowing it’s an illegal block.

Why did it happen? Their guild name is A**holes by Nature. I wonder why?

Evidence: 2018-12-13%20(1)



They admit to knowing that it’s both harassment and that they’re using illegal blocks. Honestly at this point, they deserve whatever happens to them.

Outcome: While I would like to get a Police Ticket from Phyzic next time, I could see everything from checking to logs for awhile.
I removed the possibility to spawn new explosive blocks into the HWS Universe (I hope! If not and nobody is telling me, accept a perma ban), but old ships were still ingame with these blocks.
2 posts above, considering the situation nothing was done.
But this time, a 1483 playhour veteran forced 2 players with 3 and 23 playhours to logout from HWS because of that is disgusting.
Forcing me to waste valuable time in such a stressful time regarding Alpha 9, shows the overall attitude of that behavior.
Temporary banned until the storm is over + RP wipe.


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