HWS RE and HWS+ Full Wipe / Season notice | Teaser

Dear HWS Community
since there is no 1.9 Patch today (it got delayed to 20th December), I’ll make my own announcement:
HWS RE started on 30th September, so it will full wipe / start a new season on 30th December.
HWS+ started on 23th September, so it will full wipe / start a new season on 23th December.
A discount for our Support Us page (https://support.hws.global) will be respectively start on Monday.
Please take care of your Orbital Cargo Drone, that lets you store your items throughout a full wipe, so you can more or less continue where you left off, this season. More information here: https://forum.empyrion-homeworld.net/t/orbital-cargo-drone-ocd/4394/1

A quick teaser / info for the next season:


Phoenix Sector is coming to RE from HWS+. Except for the fact, that it’s PvP, with The Sphere and The Prism as only POIs in there for max. best performance. Only accessible via Supergates to not gank new players. Only experienced people know about our HWS Supergates :nerd_face:
The Phoenix Sector is so close to a sun, that regular sun eruptions will wipe everything inside every 24 hours. But as known from a Phoenix, it will raise again with special regenerated loot in Personal Containers of the POIs

Black Hole gets reworked to the most challenging PvPvE content of the server. It will get reorganized by four quadrants that each is dominated by a badass Patrol Vessel. While rewarding, it’s all inside PvP, controlling access to Golden Globe, Eton & other “POIs” such as lucrative Asteroids and HWS Features (OCD Zone, etc.)

HWS Star Fragments will be made more harder to find but more rewarding as well. Hints where to find them will be posted in Discord/Forum for more Community interaction. Alternatively, you can visit the secret room in EGS HQ, to pay a “small fee” to get a hint straight away. HWS Star Fragments will get its dedicated PDA chapter with more explanations.

• the legendary Armageddon planet will be coming to HWS RE, inside the Decay Cluster. For those who don’t know Armageddon: it is an unique HWS feature, that sets the planet during the week to PvE & during the weekend to PvP.
It’s a great introduction for people that want to learn/dive into PvP, testing the waters so to speak. But also for others it will give you incentives to contest the planet.

Continuing with the next season teaser / info


I’m not confident enough to call it full release yet. You deserve something better! But with all the feedback I’ve read not only in this Discord, I will call the next HWS+ season “HWS+ RC” (RC = Release Candidate). Why?

tackling one of the biggest issue of HWS+ is the boring expanding Universe. This will be changed to the root logic of HWS: each planet / system needs its reason to exist. Quality over quantity. And the best you can achieve it is by putting dedicated resources to its dedicated place. Combined with individual territories, unique POIs, Quests, etc.
It’s a big task but should make a big difference.

clean up and streamlined the Prof. Void Quest / Research. Making it overall more clear what to do in the initial story line. At the same time, offer more ways to make it optional, not forcing you into all of this.

• focus on the core HWS+ logic: get started fast in PvP and sustain in PvP with good incentives.
Explaining PvP Tokens more, making it not so abstract anymore and teach how powerful they really are. For example with a new feature, that you can buy OCD Get Tickets with PvP Tokens. They will allow you to OCD get anywhere, anytime. Making PvP in general the most lucrative resource.

• I hired help from an old PvP friend, working on the HWS+ Configs. Finally cleaning up with all bad (PvP) flaws we had right now, be it chain explosions, damage inconsistencies, shields, elements, etc.
It’s one of the biggest tasks though and the reason, why I call it RC and give it a full season of non stop iteration & feedback rounds, to make it the best PvPvE Config out there!

• More fixes and suggestions from you along the way. It all should make the HWS+ RC much more enjoyable to play and I’m really looking forward to hopefully full release HWS+ on March 2023, at our 7th Anniversary! :pray:

THANK YOU so much for being part of all of this and supporting us for what we do! :man_bowing:
We really hope you enjoy your stay on our server(s) and have a great holiday time.