HWS RE Changelogs

• Battle Royale: replaced vehicles temporary with new ones from <@275654436062494731>
• Battle Royale: Modified Battle Royale Pyramid. More challenges once you enter. More challenges once you contested the zone… But it will be worth it…
• Increased Origin XP drop chance in Ultra Rare Alien Container and Stargate Mission Reward Token by a significant amount.

• increased DM events from 15 to 25 minutes

Server restart changelog - will take me a bit to inject it into the DB
• HWS Origin XP or HWS XP or HWS RP or whatever is now and forever HWS DNA. The next one that steals this name will get destroyed with my bugs knowledge.

Added Armageddon with a new or old… well, reactivated HWS Feature called CONQUER.
What is Armageddon?
Armageddon is a planet that rotates from PvE during Monday till Friday to PvP during Friday till Monday.
That means you can build peacefully (PvE) your fortress up during the week and test it against others (PvP) during the weekend!

Why bother?
On Armageddon there are 5 new big POIs called CONQUER. Your goal is to reach the core (within 10 meter) and execute the command EGS:CONQUER.
The POI will be then set to you and as reward for conquering this POI in that way, you get 1m credits and 10 HWS DNA. (so max. 5m credits and 50 HWS DNA are possible - every day [subject to change])
On top there is the HWS PvP Radar feature active during the weekend of course for additional rewards surviving on Armageddon.
Last but not least large Deposits might attract you at the very least - remember during the week it’s PvE.
You just have to ninja fly through the Black Hole in the Homeworld PvP System.

I was informed that some players are using actively (in PvP) illegal devices/turrets. Such as Augmented Plasma Turret (POI).
Any serious player should be alarmed when they see a “POI” in the name in the first place.
Yet, nobody told me that those blocks can be recycled and then used. :disappointed_relieved:

• I started to seize ships that exploited those blocks and forbid to store such blocks in the OCD (all will be removed from your OCD at the next full wipe) as well as forbid to recycle such blocks.

For transparency, those are the forbidden blocks for recycle (screenshot 1)
And those for OCD (screenshot 2)

If you find blocks missing in that list, let me know.

And before we do the annoying finger pointing again “but I didn’t know!!1!”: does not work.

For the thousands time: please report such blocks to me that are obviously not allowed for players to use. Not only the “POI” in the name but overpowered stats should cause cold guilty sweat at your skin when using them nevertheless - especially in PvP :man_facepalming:
You see the screenshots and what it means to maintain those IDs manually.
I rely on your courage / help to report such things to me.

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Server restart changelog in 1 hour
• applied latest RE update (fixing collider stuff)

Server restart changelog at 0:00
• activated EGS Stealth again. Will observe how it goes the next weeks . . .
• added entrance warning to Phoenix about the implosion…
• improved performance of Homeworld planet by forcing a 100% CPU priority on that playfield. Per default the CPU is shared to up to 3 more playfields. That way the other playfields are also not impacted by whatever on Homeworld happens - in terms of CPU.
The network code still is global though and I can’t change this. Having a fight there with over 1350 entities (rocket projectiles in the air flying around, getting synced by everyone in approx.) will throttle everything more or less down.

Server restart changelog
• applied RE patch about “too lout Fusion Reactor”:

The consequence: you are in a queue again, cause the bundle needs to be redownloaded…

Server restart changelog
• Fixed Prism Personal Container exploit.

I let this exploit going on for too long unfortunately. On the other hand it showed me who is an exploiter and couldn’t resist.
I had the luxury to delay the fix, because I have the coordinate logs clearly in front of me and can see who used the exploit and how often and teleporting myself to those coordinates today, to check how and where they did it.
It still did cost me over 2 hours by checking the logs of every player that was at that spot. (more than 30 players out of 5 factions)

While it was an incredible waste of time, it was kinda funny/interesting how it developed over time and how often some players actually did it.
I can see who found out about it first… then he spread it a bit… then more and more tested it… then other faction got to know about it - intentionally or not… then the greed consumed the brain and they continued even via CSW for exploit².
And while some players resisted at the beginning, at the end everybody of my list was “nah, I don’t care, let’s take this shortcut”.
And while I understand that you have to destroy some turrets to be able to do that, exploit is an exploit.

Morale of the story and important takeaways:
**A) **Do NOT exploit / cheat! I WILL catch you! Sooner or later!
B) In the end you gained absolutely nothing! Over the next days I will remove all the gold/credits/HWS DNA those players took by that exploit away from them, one by one + a fee of my invaluable time they trashed + a fee of real financial business damage they caused for interrupting my preparation work for the next season.
**C) **If one of those player do any shady stuff in the future, I will not hide their names anymore but instead blame and shame them and their faction in the public, so that the faction owner can sort those players out.
**D) **I value fair play on HWS very very high as you can see with that time investment! (sorry for the fair play guys, that have to suffer, cause I couldn’t work on content in the meantime)!