HWS RE Changelogs

Notice / For your information:
As I wrote exactly 4 weeks ago already: The Heavy Beam Laser Turrets should have been removed for this season. For some reason it didn’t work.
I removed all of them in the OCD now.

Server restart changelog

  • added reputation: true back for EGS faction. It’s not an Admin faction you can steal flowers from! Nobody likes it if some random dude is stealing your flowers, right!?! EGS is the most powerful faction in the universe, so you better don’t steal flowers from them! :smile:
  • changed mentioned faction base limits in PvP now
  • Homeworld is set to EBL (Elite Builders Leage). You can’t spawn bases but have to build them by hand.
  • Homeworld has a new special rule: you can’t blueprint structures there. An interesting test I wanted to try out. Whatever is going on there, stays there. Enemies can’t blueprint steal your structures quickly.

Server restart changelog

  • Nerfed The Phoenix POI… The screenshot might help…
  • Boosted the Prism POI difficulty (Shield, NPCs, walkthrough), rebalanced loot
  • Boosted The Sphere difficulty a bit, rebalanced loot.

Server restart changelog

  • changed that POI Shield Capacitors can’t be repaired to template (only relevant for the HWS Garage ships)
  • added the first Garage Ship The Destiny - in some minutes
  • added new public planet to Donare Sector on RE EU.

On the fly Changelog

  • promotion deal of the new Garage ship Destiny ended. :wink:

Server restart changelog

  • nerfed The Phoenix POI (less turrets and less shield)
  • boosted The Phoenix POI Loot

New HWS Feature: Capture Points

As announced I’m not satisfied with the current HWS Radar implementation. People just spawn their dummy base into a PvP playfield, farm the huge daily HWS DNA and Credits reward and nobody cares to raid those structures.
That’s why there are 2 significant changes:
1.) The command o:scan reveals the full coordinates of these bases now. (already implemented since start of the season but nobody cares to destroy them still)
2.) That’s why a rework is happening: HWS Radar bases only give rewards if you built them in the Capture Points. (thanks for the Community suggestion)
I’ll create in the next hours Capture Points on dedicated hotspot locations (Black Hole and Homeworld). The areas will be around 2km³.
This creates an organic King of the Hill event where you have to kill other faction bases if you want to claim your big daily reward spot.
Those Capture Point areas are also revealed in the o:scan window then.

Upcoming changes, tomorrow 18:00

  • I’ll change the PvP Base faction limits back to 3.this should improve performance a lot, justify the current rewards even more (risk/reward ratio) and overall makes more fun together with the point below

  • I’ll add 2 more Capture Point Zones to Golden Globe, Armageddon and Homeworld. So we have 3 in total per PvP Planet, which implies the mentioned feedback about either spreading or giving more parties to fight/defend.
    HOWEVER if this results in the same behavior than from previous seasons, that everyone stays in their zone and ignores the others, I’ll obviously change it either back to 1 or we enhance the Capture Point feature, to get rewarded per zone and not per playfield (if it’s not already the case, have to check)

  • I won’t change the Class Size of SV, HV, BA for now, because it would mean more stress to rebuild stuff.
    Maybe subject to change for the next season or overall revisit it once RE 2.0 is out.
    It’s overall unfortunate I can’t make use of the CPU restrictions per playfield I can do in HWS+…

  • I’ll remove EBL from Homeworld and add it to Armageddon to make it a bit more “RE convenient”…

Server restart changelog

Upcoming server 18:00 restart changelog

  • implemented new Capture Point feature to reward individual Capture Point zones with individual rewards.
    First iteration as a test: 1 of the 3 CP zones per playfield give more rewards than the other 2! See screenshot:
  • added new PvE sector: Nova to the Homeworld PvE System. It’s a copy of Phoenix and its POIs, giving you the chance to do the cooperation gameplay with your friends without the PvP thrill / PvP limits. POIs are respectively stronger and with a bit less loot than in the PvP Phoenix
  • changed PvP Sector limits from 10 faction/10 alliance CVs to 5 faction/5 alliance CVs (Black Hole and Phoenix)
    Those limits were legacy from the old HWS scenario, where it was possible due care for performance. Not possible on RE…
  • reduced POI difficulty in Phoenix to meet the reduced firepower the new limits imply
  • changed Stargate Missions to be open to anyone, not locked to faction anymore
  • PvP playfields will have a dedicated process now, changing the playfield weight to 100% to not share its processing power with other (PvE) playfields. to be tested

All changes are subject to change based on your <#1048599970741223475> which I appreciate recently

Server restart changelog

  • added back Personal Container to Eton Metropolis for big reward doing the Event
  • fixed Sphere in Nova needed Token for Personal Container
  • Bifrost ignores backpack volume too now
  • Preparing to add 1 new SV and 1 new HV to the Garage today

Both Garage Ships are for sale now. Thanks for <@260535232841646081> and <@151403064413126657>
Leave me feedback please if the price is too cheap etc.


  • as announced, I see the same afk farming simulator regarding the Capture Zone / HWS Radar feature as last season.
    It seems to be the same arrangement where the biggest faction A is farming them on HWS NA and the biggest faction B is farming them on HWS EU.
    I removed the multiple Capture Zone rewards and cut the rewards of the remaining Capture Zone until I see PvP is taken seriously again… whatever RE can offer in that regard. Post your cool PvP action in <#451807055255175178> or send me a PM please.
    It’s cool that we tried it and it’s unfortunate that PvP in RE only kicks off, when the game can’t handle it.
    I’ll concentrate on adding PvE content with more rewards in the future and fully concentrate on a good PvP experience in HWS+.

Note: I mean solely the Capture Point / HWS Radar PvP with the above. If you do PvP in Phoenix: great.
I don’t want to make the same mistake as previous seasons, causing HWS DNA inflation by letting players afk farm those features.
Once bases are actively destroyed and built, a healthy King of the Hill gameplay established, I’ll boost the rewards up again.

  • FYI: the LCDs are currently bugged in some POIs. A regression from 1-2 patches ago. I would need to go to each of them and press F to make them work again. I rather try to report it to Eleon so they can fix it.


  • sometimes announcements can be quite effective I think. A little poke or wake up call. :slightly_smiling_face:
    I heard the Capture Point Zone got attraction again and people don’t accept it being downgraded by me. That’s good. I need active feedback.
    So I boosted it also for NA again and it is for both servers like this (again, depending on activity it can change):

We have 4 PvP playfields with the Capture Point Zone active.
Golden Globe, Homeworld, Armageddon (special PvPvE Rotation) and Black Hole.
Each of them has 3 Capture Point Zones.
1 of them will now give 13 HWS DNA and 100 000 credits reward per day per player in a faction.
The other 2 will give 1 HWS DNA and 1 000 credits.

Let’s see how this goes for the next week(s) and I’ll track your <#1048599970741223475>

Changelog / Info

  • handed out the 10 000 000 credit reward to all participants of the 30 000 playhours event
  • rebalanced The Phoenix POI a bit
  • added the winner screenshots to the loading screens
  • Garage ship price adjustments

Preparing the next Event: HV Death Race

[Collection], [Collection]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/988366872644812830/1143893449448362056/p07.jpg

Server restart changelog

  • fixed Nova didn’t full wipe daily at 18:00

Server restart changelog

  • changed loot distribution in Prism Phoenix a bit
  • fixed Eton personal container yaml issue


  • Capture Point Zone rewards are given out only to active players now (active the last 24 hours) until we found a way to implement the proposed command to claim the reward - like the eb:interest command. It’s bit difficult to implement…

Server Restart changelog

  • Capture Point Zone rewards reduced on RE EU until PvP is active again.
  • POIs in Phoenix got updated here and there to fix reported exploits.
  • Prism is now a min. 3 player Coop-POI, preventing solo farming.
  • Sphere and Prism slight loot and difficulty changes
  • Prevent Swarm Shield Generator from repair
  • Added 2 new Garage Ships. CV with Furnances and a high shield SV. Thanks to <@151403064413126657> and <@260535232841646081>

Note: the upcoming bigger RE patch (War & Industry) will be fully applied in the next HWS RE season. It requires a wipe to make full use of it, which we do in mid October.

Note 2: Always forgot to mention that we added a similar limitation to buy Garage ships as we have for the HWS Trader packages.
Fighter Origin can buy 1 Garage ship per day
Engineer Origin can buy 2 Garage ship per day
Dealer Origin can buy 3 Garage ship per day
Explorer Origin can buy 4 Garage ship per day

  • Added new HWS Garage ship, thanks to <@222000868130684928>