HWS RE NA launch! Our fourth HWS Server is online! PLEASE READ before joining

Dear HWS RE Community,
finally, after 3 stressful days, we are launching our fourth HWS server: HWS RE NA! :tada:

  1. Players who want to migrate to HWS RE NA now, have following options how to proceed:

    1.1. Cross Server Warp (CSW): Whatever is in your backpack, ship and player* gets transferred magically over to the other server. READ* here: https://forum.empyrion-homeworld.net/t/cross-server-warp-csw/4398 **It’s a VERY powerful feature but not bulletproof safe! Use at your own risk! Issues can be resolved in help tickets though.

    1.2. HWS Patron Elite or higher can use on top of CSW, the HWS Connect Warp Feature. It’s an even bigger magic feature that lets you transfer OCD items or EB bank credits to the other server (when conditions are met)

    1.3. Players who bought packages on HWS RE EU (Supporter Planets, Supergates, Stargates, etc.) can ask me for a one time transfer of those to HWS RE NA. I do this for free but it will take some time, depending how many coming to me. (And you need an established character on HWS RE NA of course.)
    This does NOT apply to your regular farmed OCD levels, EB levels, etc. I repeat: if you have EGS Recycle level 5 on HWS RE EU, I don’t migrate this level to HWS RE NA, unless you bought the EGS Recycle Level 5 package.

    1.4. Once you started the CSW process and logging in to HWS RE NA for the first time: DO NOT choose Haven or a start planet with no armor as start! Otherwise you will die as soon as you get teleported to the CSW space!

  2. Reforged Eden is a MASSIVE challenge for the mod / EAH, because of the millions of millions entities. It is SUPER important, that you do NOT spam the csw:start:na command multiple times. Just do it once and wait, please! Like up to 5 minutes.

  3. The HWS RE NA server started 2 weeks later but will have the same full wipe cycle as the HWS RE EU server.

I hope that was all. It’s late for me, I have to go to bed, so whoever is brave enough tonight: have fun :smiley:
Other than that, once again, thanks for your financial support, to make this additional $241 per month possible. HWS Empyrion has now a complete line up and is ready for the future.
Enjoy your stay on our servers and have a great time.
Your HWS Team