HWS (RexXxuS & Jascha) AMA (Ask me anything) | Saturday 6-8pm

Hi HWS Community

I have it on my list for some time and some requested it, so let’s give it a try.
On Saturday 6-8pm (type ingame cb:time) @Jascha and I will be sitting here and answer your questions on our very first HWS AMA.

What ever question you have, we try to answer it as good as we can. :popcorn:

See you there and have fun meanwhile!

RexXxuS & Jascha

Steady, ready, go! :popcorn: :tropical_drink:

I have one:

How does the real “RexXxuS” (Your cat) feel about you copy’cating’ him :wink:


He is fine, as long as he gets food in return — that’s the deal :smiley:

How would you rate my faction from Amazing to Extremly amazing? :laughing:

Tell us a big secret that the developers are doing that you should not reveal yet? =)

Never played in it :stuck_out_tongue: But on my “get support” statistic, it is somewhere between amazing :stuck_out_tongue:

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that`s why i have a dog :stuck_out_tongue: he does more than eat :stuck_out_tongue:

q: How much of the features you and Jash put into the server here, does Eleon gets from you lads? etc: we had a working markedplace way before the game got it! Was this your`s earning?

A surprise is coming in Alpha 9

when you mod thruster for hv and sv or maybe you make the block weight less?

As soon as the Event Manager, some HWS Connect features and Commodity Trader 2.0 is released, I want to rework the Thrusters and weight - maybe. Depends on the plan Eleon has with Alpha 9…

what are your plans for hws, are we going to see more of the events manager, eleon got any secrets for the game ?

is the green hv engines (hover/thruster/rcs) (in singleplayer mode) accepted in hws server too, i mean if i use them at my bp will i be able to spawn it in hws?

There were some features already they liked and integrated. Like the marketplace. Maybe the HWS Config next. Depends on the feedback we get :wink:
HWS is sometimes a “test” for couple of things.

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should be allowed…

What’s at top of your list you would want eleon to deliver or fix?

since its ask me anything, what are your real names ?

When will you unmute me on discord so I can help people out?

There are some plans… Events on HWS were very rare a lot of seasons. We want to change it and give you more fun.
Another plan is the smooth integration of HWS Connect and ingame features.
Last but not least Ju and I are working non-stop on cool POIs / Missions.

Eleon has own plans. In the end (literally) I have to see if I can integrate them nicely or not (aka Landclaim device or Origins in the past)