HWS Season duration [POLL]

Hey @everyone,

this topic popped up here and there but I don’t think we had a dedicated poll / survey about it yet.

Keep in mind though that in the end it might be a final admin decision since we need to calculate not only release dates of the game but also have other things in mind like universe changes etc.

How long should a HWS season go?

  • 2 months
  • 3 months

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From our perspective some additional notes:

  • we have still more than one month left! (season I ends on 7th september) I see bored people already…
  • you have the advantage that a HWS 6.X.X patch is coming with new content next week or so. That is or will be NOT something common
  • the shorter the season the faster we can adapt changes (especially changes coming from Eleon)
  • all the OCD hoarding, new people disadvantage over veterans, etc. drama would favor 2 month over 3 month

But let’s see the plebs votes first.

Your HWS Team


To add a discription to my vote:

2Months if leveling to max level is quick.

3Months if leveling takes for ever and a half.

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@RexXxuS I’m still kinda new to the whole game and haven’t had a chance to play a lot in the past couple of weeks because of work, so my opinion may not be the best :slight_smile: but here’s my thinking

I used to play rust which wipes weekly, I also played ark which wiped every two months or so. I’ve played dayz which takes over 3-4 months to wipe

I think there’s some positives and negatives to each. Weekly wipes are good to keep balance such that no one person or clan has tons of stuff and newbies have nothing also reduced lag. Longer seasons allow for more creativity in building, more late game fighting, and less “grinding”.

I think I’m that sense both are good. What if you were to prolong a season to 3 months but create wipe and reset loops for planets. Much like what you’re doing now, where you completly wipe certain planets and maybe orbits. This way we don’t need to “pack” everything but gives a chance to keep server fresh?

with all survival games I know you need to join a good faction.
fortunately with Discord and the HWS Forums I was able to join a good faction.
I’ve been playing on this server since 4.0 and I’ve noticed that a month before the wipe a lot of people stop playing.
I’ve also noticed that a lot of people have been complaining about PVP.
if the season was shorter than we would have to gather resources and try to PVP against each other.
that’s just my two cents and if I was a politician could make complete sentences.
as always I appreciate the hard work of the Homeworld server.

Thanks rex

I thought I put in general forum. I feel it takes awhile to get setup generally reason I posted.

I also think we have to take into account about Eleon Game Studios updates.

Personally I think OCD hoarding would or disadvantages for new players would favor a longer season not shorter. Personally I was able to stockpile my own OCD 90% of the time near the very end of a season when I was already we established for that season and not much was going on b/c people were winding down like they always do a week before a full wipe. Its this time period that gives the new player almost free reign to just build and OCD, mine gold, do upgrades to things like OCD or bank. This way they can breach a lot of that gap between themselves as a new player on HWS and the old veterans with huge stockpiles in their OCD. Cutting the season short would just cut into the time for new players who may have just become established with ships and resources to start working on their own stockpiles for the next season.

That said I have a VERY well stoked OCD. I certainly would not want it to be wiped because I worked very hard for countless hours to build and store all those resources. Still I barely used it this season. I pulled a few resources at the beginning of the season but no more than I could have mine in a single day with the T3 Autominers on a single planet. I don’t think a one day jump in resources is really much of an advantage. Someone else could easily have more just by doing the donator package as a brand new member. The point is… If I was brand new to the server, but had my current game knowledge. I would have no problem competing with people who were “OCD Hoarding”. It would just take me a day or two at the beginning of the season to get my production up and running.

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Lets be serious guys, i started new this season and it took me exactly 2 days to full base/super battleship and stuff.

Veterans with full ocd/donator package have their armada ready latest 2 hours after season start.

So it makes no difference.

My initial short-term-and-selfish-thinking reaction is to say 3 months because the first couple of days after wipe were a bit tedious, nobody wants to go through it ‘just for fun’. I voted 2 months because I believe Rex is thinking long term and seems to favour 2 months ;D … and because as with all games that wipe often there’s the usual reasons why it’s a good idea.

While the vote currently favours 3 months… I think there’s ways to change that. For example:

  • Is there a good reason why everyone on the server doesn’t just start out at lvl 25? It’s not difficult to level, it’s just boring. What’s the advantage of making people go through leveling up 1-25 after every wipe?
  • I imagine there’s good reasons why you can’t access OCD on starter planets, but having access to it there would make going through a wipe trivial? In fact… that would almost seem to be the purpose of the OCD :smile:

Of course everyone loses things during a wipe and there’s more setting up to do than just getting off the starter planet, but for the most part that’s all part of the fun, especially if it’s in a new universe.

That being said… if we forget new vs. veteran advantage [which can be overcome by joining a faction], I’m sure everyone would be fine with modifying the existing universe as needed, even if it means some people have to move out of certain playfields. At the same time, having a wipe definitely helps leveling the playing field. So basically: I’m happy either way :slight_smile:


wow 79% for 3 month thats more than i thought people would go for. @RexXxuS the people have spoken but i know its your decision in the end.

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Actually i would go for 2 months BUT we need a way to speed up the start… maybe give people choise beetwin the easy life of start worlds, or just a simple naked teleport to ECC BUT at leavel 25 already?

Also EGS recycle 100% available to be brought at a fair price for a week pre-wipe.

Main point i want 2 months is because it favors the adding of new features more often.

@Gunslinger Don’t forget people are fickle… we’re a little over 3 weeks in and by the time 2 months rolls around people may have changed their mind. As I said I’m happy either way, I’m just pointing out it’s perhaps not quite as clear cut as ‘the people have spoken’ :wink:

Id much rather start at level 25 and have a super hard start with lots of things shooting me and having to slowly get resources to build something small to get off rather than start at level 1 and have a super ez life but have to sit for hours and hours shooting things.

3 months it seems, hm. Datt poll. Especially since some of these guys complained couple of months ago that after 2/2,5 months it is dead, boring, playing other games, HWS is dying etc. … sigh. We will see when and how 3 month will make sense. At least I asked the community.

Even leveling becomes an issue now? Remembering also big complaint discussion why HWS is taking away so much survival, makes everything easy etc.
For 6.X I set the level progression to fast now so either way some opinions are a bit outdated I think.

Anyways maybe we can work on a new EGS feature to be able to buy XP with credits. That would push the credits value again.

Thanks for your feedback guys.


I honestly like the leveling and survival aspect so no issue there.

My lifestyle has changed and my playtime has been impacted greatly. It has taken me a month just to get PvP ready. A two month season just isn’t going to cut it I don’t think which is why I voted as I did.

I expect loses and recoup time as my OCD doesn’t match others so I’ll need that month. I honestly don’t know how you do it @RexXxuS. Hats off to you.

It takes some time to set up the crack house on OP4, but also would encourage new players to the server to get established for their own future endeavors is why I chose 3 month. If this is a battle for the almighty OCD, then they need to get as much supplies as possible for the next server wipe.

Yea true I’m basing the leveling thing on when 6.0 first launched, and there was 2 npc spawns every 5 min for 20 people to share xD so yea guess its outdated abit.

@RexXxuS will this apply to current season or will current one be still two months?

I hear your frustration and I actually see it in other servers, when wipe is too long people get bored so even though they think they need 3 they’re not joining for the third. I myself do like 3 months but would love to eliminate some of the disadvantages it brings like lag, unfriendly for newbies, Bored people towards the end. I think you can solve that though by doing the same exact thing you’re about to do. You should create cycles to wipe certain planets and orbits completly. And then create late game content for folks like more things to upgrade and work towards.

Just my noob suggestion, keep up the good work

I really dont see the problem of “bored endgame players” why do you think that this will happen ?

As i stated out (and if you have doubts i can explain it more in detail) that veteran players need 2 hours from season start to --> battleship fleet with a bunch of bases everywhere.

So, following your thoughts, these players should be already bored 3 hours after season start. But they are not, we have toxic troll PVP massacre everywhere, yesterday in golden globe i had to warp out as it really became a bit laggy with 12 CV onslaughtering :slight_smile:

You will have the same fun independent of one month cycle or six month season cycle.

Persistancy is always good, i like HWS and will support it further, but maybe “wipes” can become replaced with more donator options / recurring donations for OCD (kind of OCD rental xd ), donation for high end ship recycling and stuff like that, turning penthouses into a useful ship storage like Nox could also help. The current 1/1/1 limit will not attract players to donate, they will just park at peacekeeper east/west blackmarket.

If you dont believe that i can send screenshots :smile:

Hmm I don’t think people left 5.0 near the end becuase it became boring, its becuase patch notes for 6.0 was released very early and people updated the game to the experimental to try it out, people where not on the main server because of this and then the rumor spread that server was dying and that influenced people to believe that lie xD, people where updating their ships in creative and then those same blue prints would be red if they downgraded back to 5.0, so most people felt like its only going to be a week so i’m just going to wait, then it became 2 weeks 1 month so on. So no it wasn’t dying or becoming boring it was just inconvenience forcing people to wait a bit.