HWS Season duration [POLL]

Its more like in the first week, you cant fly your big ships until your leveled so people leave the planet between 1 and 2 days, not 2 hours. :stuck_out_tongue:

Its much faster with total dino/native extiction and picking up every flower along the way.

Takes longer for bikers :stuck_out_tongue:

really O_o ok things have changed a lot then i havn’t leveled in awhile

From the perspective of a person who 1: works a full-time job, and 2: builds a lot in a creative server for use on the real servers, I feel that 3 months afford enough time to adventure, play, build, and participate in PvP, 2 months, while not bad, just seems too condensed.

Rex the majority never wanted slow leveling or hard start. Most complaint about hws being easy was the OCD, OAM and infinite money.

The whole concept of having a wipe date is bad it needs to be per season and mid season when needed.

This seems like a pretty good point to me. Generally wipes happen because they’re necessary… so what’s the point of having a specified wipe date when we don’t yet know it’ll be necessary? Perhaps everyone should play until we need a wipe, then they’ll get 1 weeks notice or something and then we’ll wipe?

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How can people just starting get credits to buy xp? Seems we would be lvl 25 already before we had the money to buy the xp.

Maybe Different starter planet. 1 pvp start for pirates. Normal leveling. 1 PVE starter for others who want to level up as normal with easy start b/c they are carebears and need ez start. And one PVE starter planet that just starts you at lvl 25 (possibly restricted to people from previous season who have lvl up before). If its not possible to start them at lvl 25 due to game mechanics then just make MANY creatures to kill and start them with tons of ammo.

Given these options I would still go for pvp start personally. But It would solve the problem of people sad about having to lvl up over and over.

I think a big reason for early onset boredom is the market and the POI. I think the market is to hard for most to use now. So where people use to spend a lot of time building and selling stuff they now just ignore that part of the game. No point building and selling if almost nobody is buying. Nobody is buying b/c you have to warp to a specific system in a CV, fly an SV down to a planet, fly to a specific building, walk to a specific location and THEN you can finally claim your items? Its not hard at all to do but it takes soo much time that nobody does it for casual purchases. I mean nobody is going to run over there to buy a stack of iron or 5 med packs. These small purchases are where most of the market orders use to come from. Without them the market is very stagnant.

As for the POI they are so insainly hard now that they aren’t fun any more. I mean using a 5 man crew to conquer a single poi and everyone on the team dying dozens of times before finally completing it isn’t fun at all in any sense. Then you have to split the loot between all those people and where as you feel a slight sense of accomplishment that you finally succeeded. Nobody wants to go back and do that again. Due to glitches of backpacks randomly dissapearing we ended up losing more loot than we gained. Not to mention the 2 hrs we put into doing it.

Point is without the active market and the POI to do then there is pretty much nothing to keep people busy or entertained unless they can find actual player on player interactions which are rare and sometimes simply unavailable due to server population at different times of the day.

When its really a 3 months season the cap of 70 Million Credits is massiv to small for taking credits with us!
That must be higher then pls. Its now not enough… Pls do 200 Million or so

If you want more than 70 million then you have options.
You could upgrade ocd to level 6 and then store money in it too.
You could also csw to the other server with your credits in your character and then store them in two different bank accounts. That brings you up to 140 mil just with that.

70 is plenty, especially with 5% interest, and as krazzy kid sais we can do 210mil over all 3 servers, with ocd having gold to turn into coins and lots of ocd space for components to sell on trade that’s into the hundreds of millions.

Yeah but then i must pay 30 euro again… I dont want to do it again^^

done then

Please share the knowledge of your infinte wealth with us, ohh all you allmighty veterans bow.

There are just two ways to earn cash (as far as i found out till now).

Starting trade, means selling stuff. If you check “recently sold” you will see that there are just a few minor trades taking place per day = players are buying nothing. And i have only stuff like epic weapons and armor mods for sale. Still several boxes in my base with this stuff but i have set up the maximum of 30 open sales offers already.
Selling each third day something for 20.000 wont give you the 300 million credits you are talking about. Never ever.
And believe me, i tried everything, from penta sales to sathium sales to constructor sales to whatever sales.

The second possibility is farming gold meteroids on homeworld or golden globe planet. Good luck with that. I am a warmonger PVP greedy killer machine but it is really hell on earth there.
The tactics with “naked landing in trash SV” i can really not recommend… you will get killed before you have mined a third of your first meteroid.

At the moment i construct a fortress girdle of defence bases, on golden globe established, for homeworld currently in preparation…hehe. Then i go with a heavy HV (all weapons, armor and drills) to mine gold. If someone attacks me i pull him into my fortress girdle, yesterday BlackAbt was my victim with that tactics. Unfortunately gold meteroids are not always present, if you are lucky you maybe find two per hour, very often there are none at all. Each one gives you about 125.000 credits, so even if you are a PVP maniac with unlimited heavy war machines in your factory to draw from you will NEVER EVER get more than 10 million credits per season.

If i am wrong then please enlight me.

you REALLY do not want to use EB in sanctuary, atleast until they throw an ecc hq in there…
I mean technically its better than losing the money, but I would much rather buy gold and store it. That way the money goes back out into the community to all the ninja miners out there.

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Im at my eb amount from about 60% item sales and about 40% gold mining. Then I take that amount, and put it in EB bank to earn constant interest. You will hear it multiple times around here, compounding interest is the most powerful force in HWS economy. I generate several million per day in interest off of my stashed credits.

I will +1 Kogami. Slow leveling was tried early on. I am all for that with a longer season and a fix to the starter population.

I like the leveling and survival aspect. This season will be my second completed on HWS. I like various phases of the game: early, mid-game, late game. I don’t seek PvP action, but I don’t avoid PvP areas (and haven’t since week 3). Like many, I don’t play all day, so I appreciate a server that rewards time invested with ideas like the OCD. Limiting access to being off starter is a plus for forcing primitive survival. 3 months favors someone with my play style and availability, but I voted 2 month, in the hopes that it helps the game progress and mature more quickly.

Germaine to this is my only major complaint this season: being surprised by the “too many ships in space” issue in starter. It was an experiment in slow leveling, but if you want to try that, then 3 months is probably necessary. I couldn’t reach warp capability before the first wipe (yes, I work, and socialize away from my machine on occasion). :~) Historically (and I think most of us do this), this meant taking your beginnings of a CV and parking it in space so you don’t lose your week’s efforts in the wipe. Going out and not finding an Omicron equivalent was tough, but I think it balanced things out for those of us who aren’t full-time gamers. After the shock, however, the added risk added to my enjoyment. It felt more rewarding to find leveling opportunities.

Ok just to ensure that this will never happen to you again (more than a week to CV with warp drive)

a) look for water with seaweed, peta, prom and rocks on the ground. Place you constructor close and place markers
b) mine the stuff i mentioned from the ground of the sea. You will have to switch drill mode now and then. This gives you all resources (random from rocks)
c) build a cheap base from wood or concrete
d) build your CV on the base (only basic parts, no armor, nice looking shit and that)
e) build a SV(cheap trash). Fly up to the asteroids and get Neo. You have just a few seconds before freezing, so jump out drill, jump back in to warm up

Now you should have everything to warp your CV out into real HWS

Takes for a brainless noob maybe 2 days, for a pro sutvival gamer 2 hours max.


and a proble is too , the supply box every 7 day´s people get there own Epic Wepeon + Armor and 1-2 Boost so they dont need to buy from MALL or Trader´s .
So u dont loos your Armor Suit , also and booster after Death . and have so evry 7 days a gear for selling !!! thats no one need becourse every player get here supply ^^ every ( 7 DAY´s )

also a Problem the 7 Day Starter refresh !!! after Starer Refresh u CAN come back clear all POIs again and fly away to your true Homeworld and you have griffing a fully starter gear again !!

too Deleate the last Problem Back to my Starter Planet and Griff all what i need + Farm + DroneBase again After a Wipe “” Wipe Orbit and Starter at the same Day""

then now only Veds with High OCD need now about 3 hrs or less to clear all POIs + Drone base and leave to true Homeworld .!!
the best example was TCH after the last Hard Wipe and 3 hrs later there was packback drops with 7 * 999 ingots different ingots ^^ and a lot more item´s in dropped Backpacks.
that is why TCH can buy a 75 million unvulnarabel Bunker at GoldenGlobe after 3 days hard wipe !! and cleaning all Golden Spots at GG so they can grap and play again the loop game style every hard wipe again and again they now how to (“exploiding”) the wipe game mechanic !!

c) + 1.1 go to Destroyed POI´s camp at the Save Corner and lvl your Char till 15 .
place out side the constructor for Meat ( salami ) if it a other start then Trader same spot but land with your Survival Build ( Heal Station , Food Station and O2 + a AIR closed Pilot station )