HWS Season duration [POLL]

Ok so first off I understand people whose first language is not english having some issues with the structure, but it appears that you just made up your own words through most of this post? One noteworthy point here though:

No OCD in starter.

I honestly dont know of anyone who would want to put themselves through the starter level up process just for a few POI’s and some am cores. Every week even less so. You can get all that stuff in the main server by just hunting POI’s in the rest of the server.

Even if English as you correctly do not have my mother tongue is.
Please do not start any discusion.
The loud rules it is right You can (allegedly) not use an OCD in starter but Orbit is not a starter, for example. Or how wilt you explain it the TCH member after 3h hard wipe they die and it is their backpacks 999 ingots of each sort !!! Or they know an exploid and the exploides I will not accuse them but simply veterans know and take advantage of the game mechanic.

And the rejoinen of the starter planet if Orbit is a well-gifted aircraft carrier {CV} which can be used after the 7 days wipe to quickly times solo the starter planet to farm * cough * sure it is useful and worthwhile. For 20 + cores and the other items you could sell what could just for 30 minutes work up to 1 million credits (could)

No OCD in starter or Orbit. It is not a glitch, they either called in a donor pack or a faction supply. Or payed a premium to grab materials out of their autominers.

I am curious about your math on this one though:

I said it already please no discusion begin.

Yes I am bad ind er gramatik and english is as mentioned but not my mother tongue. I can handle the reckon and economics reckon. I will surely not count you out why it is worth the starter planet ALL 7 days for themselves solo.

If you travel in your own example does not recognize the 20 Cores times so just a basic purchase price of the time 900,000 credits are and to it there even more COres come just like the Booster + Alien containers. Then please icg you a permanent order of at least 5.000.000 Credits ALL 7 days °°°°

Alone just for this bad loot rake example you would end up the season
At least 12,000,000 deserved only for the cores and a total time expenditure of 6 std ^ ^ and as I said there are not even the boosters and other items with you the one gets if you planed a starter alone!

Back to the topic OCD I do not know how they did it and I would not know it is the fact that I saw backpacks what and many items in them was and that after 3 STD server hard wipe (the last hard wipe) and I speak Not from the 7 day starter planetn wipe if it is not clear to you.

END of the discusionback to topic.

BlackAbt I’m sorry but I’m not really following your thinking. Maybe if you explained it in a little more detail it might make sense to me.

I’m not 100% on what you’re saying here but I think you’re misunderstanding how the one-way warp works. Nobody can return to starter planets in a CV. You can only die and choose “fresh start”… in which case you spawn there and can spawn blueprints from your factory but will have to mine / use donator package for fuel. Or you can use cb:reset, which resets your whole character. Either way it’s quite inconvenient and the POIs on the starter planets give worse loot than the POIs in the rest of the universe so I don’t see why anyone would bother.

Have you seen the “HWS Donator” package? If you saw 999 stacks of different ingots that’s probably where they came from.

TCH could afford the bunker (25 million, not 75, if I remember correctly) because many members have been playing on the server for a long time and have the “Keep 70m Credits after full wipe” donation package.

The ‘secret’ to wealth on this server isn’t raiding starter POIs for easy loot or even trading in general: all you need is a little money in your bank account and tomorrow you will have more. 12 million per season? TCH (and many other factions I’m sure) receive more than that in interest every day. I’m not bragging… I actually don’t like the interest system as all it does is make the already rich even richer. I’ve suggested changing it in the past but people seem to like it that way :man_shrugging:

Ya…Fenix he just gets angry and says he is not looking for discussion, so I gave up on trying to understand his issue. lol

So I write it now in German and you can translate it into your language.

So ich schreibe es nun auf Deutsch und ihr könnt es selber in eure jeweilige Sprache übersetzen.

Ich habe weder gejammert noch etwas kritisiert noch irrgend jemand beleidigt oder des schummeln bezichtigt.
Es sind einfach Tatsachen die ich herraus bekommen habe , und wo vielleicht die Admins sich das noch mal neu überlegen .

Ich habe grundlegend nur auf einen in meinen augen fehler in der Mechanik dieser Sitzung hinweisen wollen.

Es geht ganz einfach ,

SPOILER oder eventuelle Exploid Mechanik.


Ich habe ein gut ausgebauten spezialisirten CV Ich fliege ihn runter zum Planeten und parke ihn am re spawn point des jeweiligen Starter Planeten Punkt : Kommt der Tag des wipes spawne ich im Starter Planeten mit " NEU BEGINNEN " laufe die paar meter zu meinen geparkten CV . refresche mich was wichtig ist . nimm mein HV aus dem hanger und sammel ORE den tag und was dank (" jammernde Trader") ein perma spawning nun ist ein leichtes verdammt viele ORE zu sammeln . bis die zeit rum ist " FEHLER IN DER MECHANIK " das der Orbit erneuert wurde. Parke mein CV im Orbit Sammle dort die 2 anderen Ore arten " SELTEN hustdanach und nach der Erneuerung des Planeten Fliege ich runter und mein 1 ziel ist Die Farm und dann die Dronen base danach alle POI´s die ( wichtig ) geld bringen . Das ganze dauert nicht lange ::
Ausbeute nur für diese Aktion ist eine Mathematissche “HOCHRECHNUNG” aus dem Angaben MEINES starter Planeten und EGS info der NPC - Trader :slight_smile:

20 MienenRoboterKerne = kosten im einkauf 25.000 einer das macht ein EK wert von 500.000 dafür
dazu kommen die AlienContainer die als ersten 1 mal in RP einkauf umgerechnet werden müssen das sind zB für mich 1 RP kauf 900.000 das heist 1 Container gibt 3 RP = 2.700.000
nun sind wir bereits bei 3.600.000 Credits .
Man bekommt ohne mühe 10 Astronauten Verbesserungen , das heist eine EK spanne von 200.000 - 500.000
damit sind wir bei 4.000.000 Credits für 30 Minuten Arbeit das ganze noch mal hoch Rechnung da 90 tage / 7 12 ergibt
heist das man KANN also ein EK wert von 48 Millionen pro Runde ALLEINE nur damit verdienen .
Dazu kommt ALLE 7 tage mein supply was mich NIX kostet ausser 1 RP zu besitzen. was als bsp der guardian am Rüstungs wert 100.000 bekomt also noch mals 1.2 Millionen.

das macht für diese minimale Mühe 6 std in 3 Monaten 50 Millionen Credits .ca

Und nun sage mir jemand das das sich nicht lohnt !!! im gegen zug 1 Gold Meteor bringt knappe 100.000 credits nur !!
und der Asteroid ist auch noch PvP im ( Normal fall in dieser season )

You aren’t planning on wiping our OCD’s are you? I’ve been building up my OCD since 3.0. I know that once I go below 50k I’ll only be able to put up to 50k in again, but I’m sure there are a few players like me that haven’t dropped below 50k yet. Are you just going to delete all of our stuff? @RexXxuS

Haha sorry BlackAbt, but mining core sales is not running well at the moment.

Better go to GoldenGlobe again to mine meteroids.

I swear not to kill you again like a few days ago… muhahahaha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’ve started playing since 4.0
4.0 was easy for people to camp and do nothing.
5.0 came out it was a total game-changer
6.0 Rex Jascha and HWS is doing a good job on this server but we also have to take into account
Eleon Game Studios.

Love how your summary is longer than everything else :stuck_out_tongue:

The way Rex and admins have set up the server wipes are merely a minor inconvenience.
Admins have added many amenities to make this possible. OCD, VAMs plus the donor packages.
(If your only going to get one donor I’d recommend the keep 70mil.)

I chose 3 months as 2 months I feel is to short for players who don’t spawn bases via BP.
2 months would kill creativity in custom bases. I for one like seeing the intricate bases people build.

i do never fear to die :slight_smile: it is a part of these game my 1 mmorpg was 1998 Ultima Online :wink: i know what it is to be PKing or Ganking and loosing all :wink: iam a true old school PK. the hardest game ever : the king is dead long live the king .!!