HWS Support Introduction

Please read carefully before supporting us

Our focus is really to have the best Empyrion Multiplayer server available. We have no intentions of taking your money and running (as others did already). We started HWS on March 2016 and have still lots of ideas to improve Empyrion and HWS for a long time.

Since the beginning we’ve never wanted a “Pay 2 win” server and still believe it is not needed with a great community. But of course running two Dual CPU machines, spending a lot of time in improving HWS and giving all of you support as good as we can in our spare time is quite a burden. Some facts:

  • The combined costs of providing the HWS servers and website to you is over 1304+€ / $1297+ per month** (just hosting costs)

  • We are helping everyone - supporter or not, who is in need and trying to be online as much as we can (Very Active volunteer Staff) - no special “Supporter” treatment!

  • Every support package can be also achieved via ingame playtime and features

  • This is an active alpha system - We may add or remove your favorite features / change the support system, we can’t please everyone. But let’s keep dialog open.

  • If you want to support anonymously type in the card “(anony)” as your ingame name

  • One package counts for one of our servers. Choose your proper server from the dropdown button!

  • Every support is completely voluntary and the money helps us a lot to keep the servers running free for others!

  • Every package you can buy with real money, can be also bought for free, with HWS Ingots (excluding the HWS Ingot packages themselves)!

  • Your support will be activated within 24 hours. If it should take longer for no reason please contact us!

Thank You!

HWS is not associated with Eleon Game Studios in any way!
Refunds cannot be given - only in special cases under our discretions.

Go here to the Support Us page and choose your package if you want

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