HWS Survey II | Please help us to improve HWS | HWS for 2 years

Dear HWS Community,

after the first and already very successful HWS Survey we want to continue that road after 5 month AND our “HWS 2 year” celebration!

Let me tell you first that we / I feel very honored to have such a big and great community with so many good people in it! You really make the difference! Thank you so much!

It motivates us a lot to see so many players around here and enjoying their game on HWS!

That is the reason why we should take this opportunity and try to improve HWS even further.

HWS Survey II

So please participate in our big second HWS Survey by clicking the link below!

For leaving your ingame name and a serious participation you get 1 million credits and 10 Auto Miner Cores as a thank you! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much in giving us feedback!

HWS turns 2 years old

Around 2 years ago (we had some internal tests to special people before the 1th march) HWS was released to the public with an awesome success of 30 players online at the first day!

I want to thank especially @smudgybear, @K3K0 and @h5n1 for still playing and their 500-1000+ playhours on HWS! :slight_smile:

But all the others who came and go, we really appreciate your stay and enjoyment of the server above everything else.
Some of you got the chance to know / learn a bit more of @Jascha and @me and how we “think” and “live”. And we think you know how we think about our server and what intentions we have with it. :slight_smile:
Especially myself learned over the years so many new things and people, I couldn’t learn elsewhere for sure.

But what is a celebration without gifts right?

For a very limited time (from now on until tomorrow 11PM) you get additional to your Daily Loot
1 Alien Container per Origin!

Thank you so much and enjoy your stay on HWS for the next years! :tada:

Your HWS Team


Nice loot :slight_smile: filled the survey and left quite a few suggestions for hws 8


1960 hrs and I dont get a mention :frowning:
Filled out the survey though and got the rewards ta :slight_smile:


Yup did the survey. But most of my suggestions I’ll post on forums at a later date, I like to structure them and debate them with others before placing them forward.

Best regards!