Rule Number 1 explained

Hi HWS Community,

because I got messaged the whole day from russians and how crazy I am and that they will leave HWS because of that, I want to explain to you what happened.

Background Story:

Yesterday our new limits got released ( HWS Survey III | Please help us to improve HWS | Mid season patch | Part 2 )
Everyone had 7 days to adapt to them.
However OPG, RED & Co however had so many structures still after 5PM ( )
that they decided to circumvent / exploit our limit system by changing 6 ships to public inside their EGS Bunker. (breaking our rule 4.1.4 - hence they got removed.)

Additionally at that day, once again some OPG etc. players attacked the GCG/AAA EGS Bunker and again, even with opened doors they couldn’t resist to exploit a so called “hitscan” logic.

If shots are slightly going through walls, all is ok. It’s Alpha.

But if you abuse your ship position in such a way, that turrets can’t target you anymore but you can kill them, it’s called exploit by definition and not allowed on HWS!
(not even speaking of the rule breach to NOT have reported that to us earlier)

In that consequence I banned the player Геркулес until this bug is fixed.
I reported it to Eleon already.

I spent also 1+ hour to really show you what is going on:

After all that, I got from one russian player a message:

I’m sorry but you’re wrong, for which the player banned? This is a glitch of the game, and not cheating, repair the game instead of distributing bans

I really want to address this to some russian players because it is not the first time I hear this:

I CAN’T repair the game but I report every single glitch, exploit, bug etc. to Eleon, so they can repair the game.
It does not mean though, that YOU can abuse this glitch, exploit, etc. in the meantime!
You have a very horrible mindset and please respect our rules or leave HWS!

That being said, I hope you understand my decision and focus on fair play!