HWS Tank Rush Event

I was even thinking to make it as condition that at least one guy from each team has to record the event :wink:
I just hope so…

I know Events are still rare because they need tons of time to setup but soon we have some automatism for them. Goal is to have an event every weekend.

@gareth and @andreaHWpolice can watch of course (and maybe help even). Will discuss it with them.

yea of course we will try to help

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Zappe And wiseman ready for this.


This is a brilliant idea, I’m in! :grinning:


Does this mean a single faction can field like 20+ people vs 10 people? Is it only a single match or multiple?


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I’ll be there… :smiley:

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Is it possible to change player’s faction temporarily during teleportation to predefined E and W? And bring it back when event is over. As I doubt all will manage to alliance each other factions )

There are two sides either way and there is one battle. So if one faction would turn up with half the members they would have to fight everyone else.

Nope, this would cause mega Problems Else where

They can be on one side or split to fill both sides.

Bin dabei.

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Würde auch gerne mitstarten. EU Server bitte .

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I can make it on NA add me to list

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Old Fella Gamer And Andyuk are in on the west side please … where do we meet
on saturday on eu server

huh… just to be clear… for NA the tank event is 25th Feb. Sunday 2AM server time

so for those of us in NA that is:

24th Feb. Saturday 8PM Eastern Standard Time
24th Feb. Saturday 7PM Central Standard Time
24th Feb. Saturday 6PM Mountain Standard Time
24th Feb. Saturday 5PM Pacific Standard Time

…depending where you live.


@everyone alright, last intel before the Event!

  1. I created the EAST and WEST Discord Voice channel for later
  2. There are couple of hideouts for you to hide + spawn new tanks
  3. The Tank Rush Tower has some adventures for you. Even if you rush it there are some obstacles for you. :feet:
  4. There are 4 red Artillery Turrets on the Tower and 2 Flak Turrets. They don’t shoot at the beginning but can be captured by the first guy to support the “Capture and Hold” event. However they can be destroyed
  5. 15-30 minutes before I activate the teleporter in ECC so you can prepare your Home Base already.

Tank Rush Rusher Defense

Couple of Hideouts around the battleground


Good luck to you all later :smiley:

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Good Stuff Rexx thanks for the hard work to provide us with good times.

Home to do this , looks like fun.

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Looking forward to t battle on the EU server (going to be racing home from work to make it on time :running_man: ). I am hoping the Russian factions turn up in force too. Their presence will make a huge difference to the success of the event.:crossed_fingers:


So much fun @RexXxuS . West team here :slight_smile:

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just an update on the event … great idea and grest game . just a few who spoil it … west team here and reward please